Annihilator-class Fighter
Annihilator-class Fighter
Manufacturer Valorn Duchal Shipyards
Model Annihilator-class Fighter
Class Short-Range Attack Fighter
Sublight Speed Average (100 mglt)
Sublight Maneuverability Below Average (90 dpf)
Length 7.2 meters
Mass 75 tons
Hull Strength Heavy(50 RU)
Cargo Space 25 Kilograms
Consumables 5 Days
Crew 1 Pilot
  • 1 warhead launcher
  • 1 mass-driver cannon
Affiliation Duchy of Valorn

The Annihilator-class Fighter is one of only two fighter craft produced by the Valorn Duchal Shipyards (the other being the Destroyer-class Fighter). It is armed with a single-shot warhead launcher, which carries a single 6 kiloton thermonuclear missile. It is also armed with a single 15mm mass-driver cannons, though this is intended for defensive purposes only; as such, the fighter carries little ammunition for the mass-driver cannon.

So far, none of these capable craft are in service, mainly due to a lack of funds.

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