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Spongecake(Parody Spongebob),Knife,Orange,Doughnut.


Orange:"Hey Wheel,Hey Wheel Hey!" Doughnut:"I am not a wheel I am a Doughnut!" Orange:"Doughnut,your a nut?" Doughnut:"What NO,I'M NOT A NUT!" Orange:"Are you sure you seem kinda nutty,HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!" Doughnut:"GRR,THATS IT,I HAD IT,NO MORE JOKES!" Orange:"Hey nut,Hey Hey nut,Hey NUT!" Doughnut:"WHAT?!" Orange:"Plate!" (Doughnut screams as a plate containing a Spongecake) Orange:"Woah,talk about a nut cracker,HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!" Spongecake:"HI,I'm Spongecake,DAHAHAHAHA!"

            (Tittle Appears)

Spongecake:"So what is this place?" Orange:"This is the Kitchen,where are you from?" Spongecake:"I'm from the Bikini Bottom." Orange:"Bikini Bottom? Your town sounds bare,HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!"

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