A transcript of 1980 Disney film "Annoying Orange" released on VHS this July 22nd,1997. The trailer was completed by June 1997.




Narrator:In July,In The tradition of Disney's greatest musicals,

Narrator:The Most Acclaimed Disney Movie of all time.

Narrator:Nominated 10 Academy Awards,

Narrator:And Winner 9 Academy Awards.

(Clip:Walt Disney vault opens at Tinker Bell appears)

Narrator:And Now,Disney is now opening up its vault to honor the acclaimed Fruit Classics ever.

Annoying Orange:(Laughs)

Narrator:Walt Disney Pictures presents,

(As the Movie's logo appears)

Narrator:Annoying orange.

Annoying Orange and Marshmallow(Singing):our store will play,our store will play.

Narrator:Now Available In A Brand New Of the Special,

Narrator:Fully Restored,18th Anniversary,Limited Edition.

Annoying Orange:sound of box,Popcorn. 1,2,3.... go!

Annoying Orange (Singing):Eat Pancakes,Pancakes,Pancakes and Bananas!

Narrator:This Classic,Filled With The Songs Everyone Loves.

Narrator:Is Disney's Crowing Achievement.

(Magic fireworks Exploding With The Watermelon while sorcerer mickey using the magical powers)

Narrator:And is the one of the best.

(Clip:Annoying orange goes Bananas,A Day for Marshmallow,Annoying Orange go to Fruitwood)

Narrator:Experience all the fun and fantasy...

Narrator:..Of Walt Disney's masterpiece,

Narrator:annoying orange.

Nerbville and Ben Ali Gator (Laughs):Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

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