Okay, Everybody. It's PreviewDude52797.

And Today I Just Got a Package From

Let's Open it.


Look. It's Time to Count to 3

and We're Going to Take it Out.

Okay. Ready? Go!

One, Two, Three! TA-DAA!!

Yep! The DVD of

Toy Story and Toy Story 2 from 2005.

Here's Toy Story 10 Anniversary. Here's a Spine. And the Back.

"A Gift for All Ages".

165 Minutes Long. It's Rated G. There are Bonus Feature on there. (POP)

Here's Disc one which has woody and buzz on it.

And Disc Two Which Has Alien, Hamm and Mr. Potato Head on it.

And Here's a DVD Guide.

Look! I Can Watch it on the Computer, Right Now.

and Get ready for part 4 for A Package From

I Love You, Everybody. Bye. Thanks for Watching.

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