Another Runaway Train (Kids' WB Edition) is an episode of the fifth Season of Shining Time Station: Kids' WB Edition. It is the eighteenth episode of the fifth Season that aired on December 9, 1998.


  • Sakura, Serena, Courage, Eddy, Ash, Sabrina, Al and Jeff prepare to start the Casey Jones sequel called Witness To A Robbery. Cowboy Bob (from The Good, The Bad and The Goofy) comes over and tells the gang, including Wilhelmina and Professor Oak, that he will be in hand. The play begins and Snarlyville is invaded with rogue cowboys. Luckily, Serena goes Sailor Moon to stop them. After that, Cowboy Bob thanks the gang.


From Shining Time Station

  1. Mr. Conductor 1 (George Carlin)
  2. Mr. Conductor 2 (Alec Baldwin)

From Cardcaptors

  1. Sakura Avalon (???)

From Sailor Moon

  1. Serena Tsukino (Terri Hawkes)

From Courage The Cowardly Dog

  1. Courage (???)

From Ed, Edd N Eddy

  1. Eddy (Tony Sampson)

From Pokemon

  1. Ash Ketchum (Veronica Taylor)
  2. Wilhelmina (Amy Birnbaum)
  3. Professor Oak (Stan Hart)

From Sabrina: The Animated Series

  1. Sabrina Spellman (???)

From Hoop-a-Joop

  1. Al Valentine (???)

From Jeff and Taylor

  1. Jeff Jefferson (Jim Cummings)

From Time Warp Trio

  1. Cowboy Bob (???)

Thomas Stories

  1. A Big Surprise For Percy
  2. Busy Going Backwards

Thomas Song

  1. Accidents Will Happen

Jukebox Band Song

  1. It's A Robbery!


  • Serena, along with Mina, Raye, Lita and Amy, had her biggest appearance since Season 4.
  • It is revealed that Witness To A Robbery is a Casey Jones sequel.
  • Everyone is wearing western outfits in this episode.
  • Cowboy Bob guest stars.


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