Coming soon from BBC One in 2011. When it's bedtime, Superted is dreaming about himself being Robin hood. Superted has to stop the evil Texas pete being The sheriff of nottingham and his henchmen, Bulk & Skeleton being The two guards. Superted has a friend, Spotty being Little john. Together, They rescue Maid marrian. Can superted stop Texas pete from kidnapping Maid marrian or Can he end up? Find out in Superted in Robin hood. Coming soon from BBC One on the 1st January 2011. Superted in Robin hood will be produced in nottingham.


  • Derek Griffiths as Superted
  • Rowan atkinson as Narrator / Spotty
  • Jim cummings as Texas pete / Bulk
  • Melvyn hayes as Skeleton
  • Morwenna Banks as Maid marrian

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