Anthony Littlewood

Age: 19 Location:England,UK

20th April 2007

I have taken up some character modeling and have just downloaded ogre3d sdk, Never used it before. Going through tutorials

As of yet i am still designing the models

Ok joy, the base model hopefully for all cahracters in now done, ive got a high poly version and a low poly version.

ogre3d is still being a bitch though

Hahaha woop, i can now run stuff from ogre3d "back of the net!!"

21st April 2007

Spent most of last night playing with ogre3d, the sexy beast. and today i have been doing weapon modelling, got a fair bit done.

22nd April 2007

Just got the ogre3d book from amazon, aswell as getting the ebook, should push things along a bit.

23rd April 2007

Well not much i can do right now, progress has kindve stalled

25th April 2007

Well still not much i can do,

I modeled the basic layout of a tavern(actually my local pub) and attempted to badly model a Bear, not bad i guess considering for some reason ive never seen a grizzly going for a run in the yorkshire countryside ( :

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