An Anthromorph (or Anth) is a genetic hybrid between a sentient creature and a nonsentient one (or, in some cases, two sentient ones). Generally, an anth is created when a sentient creature is turned into one via magical incidence.

Types of Anthromorphs

There are several types of anths:

  • Animal Anth. These anthromorphs are the ones most often created thru genetic alteration.
  • Pokemorph. These anthromorphs are usually created when a sentient creature mates with a Pokemon, which in most instances is rape on either the Pokemon's part or animal abuse on the sentient creature's part.
  • A subsection of these are the Huvees, humanoid/Eevee hybrids. They are considered more controversial in particular because of an Eevee's unstable genetic code (which allows for half-Eevees) and due to the fact that, like their Eevee parents, Huvees can evolve.
  • Neomorphs. These anthromorphs are created when a Neopian mates with a humanoid. Since Neopians are sentient, Neomorphs are the least controversial hybrids.
  • Pokopians. Hybrids between Pokemon and Neopians (such as Pikacheeks). As controversial as a regular Pokemorph.

Abilities of Anthromorphs

Although anths are oftentimes considered to be second-class citizens, the fact of the matter is that an anth is at least as sentient as its humanoid half. However, this is offset by the fact that the anth follows the instincts of its less-sentient half, from sexual urges to instinctual behaviors passed down from the nonsentient half.

However, anths have just about the same special abilities that each half possesses, albeit somewhat weakened.

Anatomically, an anth tends to look like a cross between each form, with the most change occuring in the genitals for males and the breasts for females - Males tend to have bulbed penises, while females have as much breasts as the nonhumanoid half has teats to feed babies.

In the case of some Pokemorphs, evolution is possible. Regardless of the Pokemon half, no half-breeds of baby Pokemon exist, and half-breeds of the legendary Pokemon are impossible owing to the seclusive and androgynous nature of most of them (Latios and Latias, however, are capable of fathering/mothering anths, however).

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