When most are fighting for rightiousness, we know the truth. We know that not all humans are desurving of the gift of life itself. So we make sure they no longer get the satifaction of it. We are the Anti-Hero Squad; Fighting in the shadows, to protect the light.

This is Mora, and I approve of this message


Mora Nora

The Leader of the team and the brother of ShadowDJ and Moa's other half. When ever Mora isn't with Team Underworld, he's leading a team of anti-heroes that fight to help humans, which is ironic, since he hates them.


The second in command and a female demonez. She used to be Mora's lover, until he accidently left her behind at the Facilty, but she still has feelings for him, but he gets nervous around her since he accidently left her behind.

Silver Charge

(See Moa's profile to see who this is)

Yuka Hinazawa

The Monotone, flirting dark elf who seems to be infatuated wtih in Mora. She has a lot of power on her side. Her main powers includes the power to mess with reality a bit and also other Elf powers.

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