One of the cities along the Great South Road on the western shores of the Inner Sea (III/map), also known as the City of Pillars. Antiochis is a fair city with white marble columns, temples and a magnificent harbour with a fleet of ‘shark-nosed’ triremes (DM4/0). During the ‘Golden Age’ of the Inner Sea, the men of this land used long pikes in warfare (VI/172). Falcon encountered some people of Antiochis in the city of Mytilene during the Feast of Fools. They wore togas and had dark, oiled hair (F4/113, F4/128). It is possible that there is a bath-house here (F4/200). A group (possibly of mercenaries), the procthenoi, may be based in the city, but apart from that we learn next-to-nothing about them (F4/66).

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