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Well, Mitch and Antje are having a baby girl in December, and we have some very generous friends who have offered to have a shower. The list below is a wish list of things that would be great/ useful/ fun/ essential for us to have. We like the idea of people passing on second hand gear, if they have it. Antje also found a really good kids consignment shop that sells equipment as well as cute clothes and toys and so on. It is called Tried but True and is at 10744 York Road in Cockeysville. Stuff from there would be great too. (They do gift certificates as well.) Or new, if you must . . . we like new as well. Time and help, as you'll see below, are also very very much appreciated.

If you read this list and see something you'd like to contribute, well we'd be thrilled and thankful. To note that you are providing something, use the edit function for this page. I think you can edit without necessarily identifying yourself.

There are 3 categories below: stuff for the baby, stuff for us and stuff that's not stuff but is VERY valuable.

Many thanks!

Antje, Mitch and the as yet unborn wee one.

Baby Stuff (unless otherwise stated, could be used):

  • Mattress for crib. Standard size. This should be new.
  • Fitted sheets for crib.
  • Cotton mattress cover.
  • Pack and Play portable crib.
  • Ergocarrier with infant insert. see

Cranberry colour if you're getting it new.

  • Dresser (something high enough to use as a change table: craig's list might have something appropriate, or IKEA. We go for the blonder woods, if we get a chance).
  • Changing pad to put on top of dresser.
  • Head stabilizer (to keepy baby's head from lolling about when she is sitting up, e.g. in her car seat).
  • Eco-friendly diapers (e.g. the kind whole foods sells) for newborns and any age thereafter. I'm getting the ecofriendly diapers--Michelle
  • Ointment (Dr. Smith's would be ideal).
  • Unscented wipes.
  • Thermometer.
  • Baby Gates (we have two sets of stairs, so two would be ideal)
  • Baby Bath.
  • Unscented and/or eco-friendly baby soap/ shampoo.
  • Baby Monitor
  • Pacifier
  • Bottles (eg Avent all in one starter set or Nuk bottles by Gerber with a variety of nipples to go with)
  • Bottle warmer
  • AA Batteries (rechargeable with charger? Or just regular)
  • Clothes, toys and so on (these are more fun to buy, and we already have some, so if you could handle giving something that wasn't cute but was useful we'd love it. If the adorable onesies and hats and toys that are out there are just too good to pass up, we would gladly take them too, of course!)

Stuff to help Antje and Mitch survive:

  • Glider (Chair, not hang glider. These seem to come up on craig's list a lot and used would be fine.)
  • Food (nice frozen, canned, dry or jarred stuff that'll see us through the crazier times; Antje is vegetarian, Mitch is not). Gift certificates to restaurants would be great too. We are fond of places like the Helmand or Saigon Remembered or the sushi place in Mount Washington.
  • Booze ;-) (No seriously: some nice red wine or good beer would be a much appreciated gift too)

Help that is not stuff but would be really really useful to us:

  • A gift certificate for a housekeeper to come in and clean after the baby is born (once . . . . or once a week.) Either a company or an individual you know of would be great. Someone who uses eco-friendly products would be even greater.

  • Help reorganising upstairs furniture and getting things in order (furniture lifting, perhaps some painting, perhaps other handiwork, perhaps putting in a back gate so we can let the dog out in the yard). Sometime in November/ December.

  • Help in December/ January with after the baby is born stuff (fetching groceries, watching the baby for an hour or two, walking the dog . . . that kind of thing)

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