TV Spot #1

  • Narrator: Two friends.
  • Weaver: (Laughing)
  • Narrator: One was the soldier...
  • Weaver: We're the lords of the Earth!
  • Narrator: One was the worker.
  • Z: Handling dirt is not my idea of a rewarding career. You gotta switch places with me!
  • Narrator: Now they're training jobs...
  • Weaver: Nobody told me digging was so much fun.
  • Narrator: Switching lives...
  • General Mandible: I am proud to send you into battle.
  • Z: I'm sorry. Into battle?
  • Termite: (Roaring)
  • Z: (Screaming)
  • Narrator: And getting into...
  • Z: Whoa!
  • Narrator: The swing of things. Antz.
  • Weaver: You da ant!
  • Narrator: Rated PG.

TV Spot #2

  • Narrator: Critics are calling Antz a new kind of animated classic.
  • Barbatus: Ah, don't get all sappy about it.
  • Narrator: People Magazine says adults will really get a kick out of antz. Entertainment Weekly gets Antz his highest rating.
  • Z: (Screaming)
  • Princess Bala: Don't be so dramatic. (Gasps)
  • Narrator: It's mesmerizing, and very, very funny. Siskel and Ebert gave it two thumbs up.
  • Weaver: You da ant!
  • Narrator: Antz.
  • Z: Please. Please. It was nothing really.
  • Narrator: Rated PG.

TV Spot #3

  • Narrator: The ant world...
  • Z: Look out!
  • Narrator: And our world...
  • Princess Bala: Get me outta here!
  • Narrator: Are about to collide with a big way.
  • Z: Hi.
  • Narrator: Antz. Rated PG.
  • Z: Who the heck is that?

TV Spot #4

  • Princess Bala: Hi. Wanna dance?
  • Z: Absolutely.
  • Narrator: With an ant named Z fill for a princess.
  • Z: You're a princess?
  • General Mandible: Arrest him.
  • Z: Hey! Wait the minute.
  • Narrator: He never realize...
  • Princess Bala: Let go of me!
  • Narrator: That royal pain love could be.
  • Princess Bala: Don't you realize that I'm out of your league?
  • Z: The trick is not to panic.
  • Princess Bala: I've been kidnapped by the village idiot. Are you out of your puny little mind?
  • Z: Look out!
  • Princess Bala: Z, help me!
  • Narrator: Antz. Rated PG.

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