Name: Unknown (aka Anuvilis)
Race: Unknown (Humanoid)
Birthplace: Unknown
Gender: Male
Age: 52
Affiliation: The Sith Empire
Side of the Force: Dark
Occupation: Thaxilian Chief Strategist (Formerly)
Imperial Sith Master
Underlord of Dosha
Force Affinity: 7

Physical Description

Anuvilis, like the stereotypical Sith Masters so often depicted, is of slightly below average human height coming in at five feet ten inches and is completely covered in a draping, voluminous black robe. The robe obfuscates his features significantly, covering all but his hands and face. His wears gloves over his hands, and his hood leaves his face basically unclear enough to determine what he is, only that he is humanoid.

Though it’s difficult to tell due to the large robe, Anuvilis is quite thin as he has very little musculature, very likely due to his massive reliance on the Force and very little physical training.

Psychological Description

Anuvilis can be described as methodical, patient, and calm. He rarely becomes overtly angry and is quite adept at containing any emotions that may surface within him. His plans are generally well thought out and lack any sense of urgency; he believes that anything that must be done too quickly will probably fail.

Anuvilis is also somewhat solitary. He prefers not to take a direct leadership position, but rather to work from behind the scenes, though there are a few people he feels more familiar with.

In rather stark contrast with the image above is the fact that Anuvilis can completely without moral thought or inhibition. Crushing his opponents underfoot and anything up to outright murder mean little to him, so long as whatever goals he deems fit are upheld and achieved.

Favored Force Uses

Anuvilis is an extremely powerful Force user, far beyond most of his peers and even some of superiors. Devoting his life to the advancement of his powers as well as having an extremely advanced connection to the Force has given Anuvilis the ability to wield it as a potent weapon.

Disliking the more subtle powers such as cloak, Anuvilis is a master at wielding the direct-damaging and destructive manipulations of the Force such as lightning, and can, with difficulty, even wield the very potent abilities such as destruction and crush, albeit at a lesser capability that some of the Sith Lords.

Anuvilis has also developed an interesting and unique usage of the Force in conjunction with his lightsabers to counter his distinct lack of physical ability. Anuvilis uses the Force to levitate and battle with multiple lightsabers from a distance, allowing him to remain untouched by battle whilst forcing his enemies to face weapons with great maneuverability.


Anuvilis’ main weapon is the Force and his three lightsabers, which he almost always wields by means of levitation. When forced into melee, Anuvilis has a fourth lightsaber hidden in his robe that is available for emergency use.


Few Masters can come close to Anuvilis sheer power over the Force allows him to dominate in conflict from afar and in Force battles. This also gives him a great advantage against multiple, weaker opponents due to his powers’ area of effect.

He also has a great deal of knowledge on often obscure subjects.


Due to his massive reliance and single-minded focus on the Force and arcane and esoteric subjects of learning, Anuvilis is remarkably incapable with more common pursuits that fall far outside his area of expertise. He is also extremely weak at direct combat, and when forced into it can quickly go from dominating to struggling.

Relevant History

Anuvilis came into the galaxy’s view under the Trandoshan Warlord, and later Dark Lord of the Sith, Zynactus Thaxilius. Trandoshans are known for many things, but planning isn’t one of them, so Thaxilius knew he had stumbled upon a proverbial gold mine upon finding Anuvilis. Thaxilius recruited the Dark Side Master to his side as a strategist, arcane knowledge source, and general all around advisor, and it was in this capacity that Anuvilis served throughout most of his career.

Anuvilis proved very adept at his job, taking well to the behind-the-curtain machinations and plots as well as the access he was afforded to some of the rarer positions in the world, such as the Sith relics which then, in the pre-Revan times, were much less heavily controlled, as there was no centralized Sith authority.

In time, Thaxilius took the Imperial Throne of Korriban as Dark Lord of the Sith, which afforded Anuvilis unprecedented opportunities to continue his own goals toward the acquisition of greater knowledge and capabilities. He was granted a large role in the initial reorganization of the ancestral Sith worlds and put a great deal of effort into ensuring the preservation of the artifacts and the reclamation of important Sith artifacts. Anuvilis continued to serve in this position, as well as an advisor to the Dark Lord, until the fall of Shadow.

With Thaxilius dead, Anuvilis moved his primary allegiance to his successor, the now Imperial Lord Grukh who controlled the Dosha sector. Never the less, Anuvilis also maintained his independence, even so much as to maintain personal quarters on Korriban. During this post-Shadow time, during the reign of Dark Lord Vilan, Anuvilis trained his first apprentice, Kamira Nurityen as well.

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