Becky is standing right by her student desk and she decides to do something else.

[Becky Blowing Very Hard]

[Becky Continues Blowing Very Hard]

Becky: [Sighs Heavilly] "It's no use, I don't even know how to whistle very often."

Tiffany: "But you'll get the hang of it real soon."

Becky: "How would you do it anyway?"

Tiffany: "Well, Becky, you just need to pucker your mouth up a bit more, then blow very gently and softer."

[Tiffany Whistling Beautifully]

[Becky Blowing Gently And Softer]

[Becky Continues Blowing Gently And Softer]

[Becky Whistles Successfully]

[Becky Whistling Beautifully]

Becky: "Hey, I did it, I finally whistled successfully."

Tiffany: "Of course you did, Becky, you practiced your whistling techniques, but now you became a successful whistler like me."

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