Scene 1: Becky's bedroom

[Becky Snoring Lightly]

[Various Birds Chirping In Distance]

Becky: [Gasps In Excitement]

Becky: "Oh my gosh, I hear whistling, wonderful!"

Becky walks around outside.......

Becky: "It sure is beautiful around here."

Kaitlyn: [Signal Whistle]

Kaitlyn: [More Signal Whistle]

Becky: "Wow, whistling summons everything? pure awesome."

Jenna: [Whistling Casually]

Jenna: [Whistling Continues]

Becky: "Around here, good things come to successful whistlers."

Becky: [Tries Very Hard To Whistle, But Sputters]


Mr. Skullhead: [Signal Whistle]

Becky: "What's that? opportunity whistling?"

Mr. Skullhead: [More Signal Whistle]

Becky: "Hey, Mr. Skullhead, can you show me how to do that? all I can do is this."

Becky: [Tries Very Hard To Whistle Again, But Sputters More]

Becky: "On 2nd thought, maybe I can ask somebody else who's close to my age."

Scene 2: The Swimming Pool

Becky: "I'm never gonna be able to get neat stuff 'til I can really whistle the way the other young girls my age do."

[Distant Whistling Sounds]

Becky: "What do I hear? distant whistling sounds."

Becky walks around, but Tiffany grabs her right arm.

Tiffany: "So, Becky, what's the problem?"

Becky: "I can't even whistle the way the other young girls do, and most of them can do it more often."

Tiffany: "Any young girl your age can really whistle, Becky, it just takes a lot of practice and patience."

Becky: "Well, so far, all I can do is this."

[Becky Blowing Very Hard]

[Becky Continues Blowing Very Hard]

Becky: [Sighs Heavilly] "It's no use, I don't even know how to whistle very often."

Tiffany: "But you'll get the hang of it real soon."

Becky: "How would you do it anyway?"

Tiffany: "Well, Becky, you just need to pucker your mouth up a bit more, then blow very gently and softer."

[Tiffany Whistling Beautifully]

[Becky Blowing Gently And Softer]

[Tiffany Continues Whistling Beautifully]

[Becky Continues Blowing Gently And Softer]

[Becky Whistles Successfully]

[Becky Whistling Beautifully]

Becky: "Hey, I did it, I finally whistled successfully."

Tiffany: "Of course you did, Becky, you practiced your whistling techniques, but now you became a successful whistler like me."

[Becky's Whistling Continues]

[Tiffany's Whistling Continues]

Scene 3: Back home at Becky's house

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