Shining Time Station Characters - Season 1 Trolley to the Anything Tunnel of Make-Believe (Shelburne Falls & Colrain Street Railway No. 10)

Anything Trolley from Season 1.

Anything Trolley—A small yellow electric trolley who enters and exits the Anything Tunnel of Make-Believe, taking the viewers of the show with it. Known simply as "Trolley", it communicates through the uses of its whistle and bell and occasionally moves backwards and forwards to get the other characters' attention or to show that he is getting impatient, and a musical melody is usually heard every time the Trolley moves through its tracks. It can go both fast and slow. Also when lifted from the tracks, it can s

Anything Trolley from Season 2 & 3.

how pictures from the past, as revealed in the episodes "Then and Now".

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