The Anything Village of Make-Believe is the fictional kingdom inhabited by the cartoon characters on the children's television program The Lionel Trains Show, produced from 1955 to 1992.


The adventures of the citizens of the Anything Village of Make-Believe appear in a short segment once in the middle of almost every episode. Shack deliberately makes clear the distinction between the "real world" and the Anything Village of Make-Believe by transitioning in and out of the station segment via a distinctive yellow model electric trolley that enters and exits through small tunnels in the station mural (or occasionally by setting up small tabletop models of the various Anything Village of Make Believe buildings), and by discussing what had happened with the audience after the end of each segment. The same storyline continues for a week or more (similar to a soap opera), though Shack is always sure to recap the plot for children.


Other characters

  • Anything Trolley —A small yellow electric trolley who enters and exits the Anything Village of Make-Believe, taking the viewers of the show with it. Known simply as "Trolley", it communicates through the uses of its whistle and bell and occasionally moves backwards and forwards to get the other characters' attention or to show that he is getting impatient, and a musical melody is usually heard every time the Trolley moves through its tracks. It can go both fast and slow. Also when lifted from the tracks, it can show pictures from the past, as revealed in the episodes "Then and Now".


Trolley Tracks—There are two trolley routes in the Neighborhood. One is the usual route taken by the Anything Trolley that runs in front of the castle. The trolley enters the Anything Village from a tunnel on the left of the castle, and runs to the right tunnel, next to the Castle's service entrance. The other section runs past the other residences in the Anything Village, including around the Museum-Go-Round.

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