This deals with specific wording and style for the different variations of the FIC Art of Community Event's public titles. Anticipating that the event will be referred to by many different people in many different ways, this is to help us build a consistent brand around the event by referring to and publishing information on the event in as consistent a manner as possible.

Note: Craig started working on this when thinking about the first advertisement for Communities magazine.

Version 1 (Full)

Generally, the full version will only be used when length is not an issue. Since it is so long, it will rarely be used when people with any familiarity with the event talk about it.

Fellowship for Intentional Community presents Art of Community Northwest; Co-Opportunities for Sustainability

Version 2 (Somewhat Condensed)

Use the initials for FIC and NW when space is an issue and the context makes it clear that FIC = Fellowship for Intentional Community:

FIC presents Art of Community NW; Co-Opportunities

Version 3 (Condensed)

Additionally drop the FIC and subtitle when space remains an issue:

Art of Community NW

Internal Use Only

These are only to be used internally:



The Event

Style Guide

Sometimes we will have control over the title's format. This documents known variations we will use when can control text style, size, alignment, and font. The following Documented Example is an image capture from Microsoft Word. It is used to discuss specifics on formating, since these are hard to illustrate well using wiki formating.

Text Style

As can be seen in the different Title Versions, and the Documented Example, we will use specific text formats when possible.


  • Fellowship for Intentional Community or FIC is displayed using bold characters
  • presents is displayed in italics
  • Art of Community in bold
  • Co-Opportunities for Sustainability in italics

Text Size

The intent is to give primary prominence to both the Fellowship for Intentional Community or FIC and the Art of Community Northwest or Art of Community NW. When displayed on separate lines, these will be sized so that Fellowship for Intentional Community is just slightly longer than Art of Community Northwest.

Specifics for the Documented Example (Font = Times New Roman):

  • Fellowship for Intentional Community uses a font size that makes it slightly longer than Art of Community Northwest. In the example, above, it uses 18 points.
  • presents is just a connector and will use a small size: 16 points in this example.
  • Art of Community Northwest will use the largest literal font size since it is shorter in length (fewer characters) than Fellowship for Intentional Community. The example above, displays at 22 points, which makes it somewhat shorter overall than Fellowship for Intentional Community.
  • Building Sustainable Community is a subtitle that helps to explain the event. In the example above, it is displayed at 18 points.

These font sizes should not be taken literally, they will vary depending on the context, level of control, font used, etc.

Text Font

This requires more thinking, and, ideally, input from a graphic designer, presuming we have one for the event materials. In the example, above, the serifed font, Times New Roman is used. Craig may replace this example as he defines the first public advertising for the event, which is planned over the next week.

Text Alignment

In general, the alignment will be centered, but this will depend a great deal on design considerations which are not yet defined.

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