This page is dedicated to supporting the sponsorship development work for the FIC Art of Community Event.

Sponsorship Levels

Early thinking was the event would have three tiers of sponsorship. Another thought is to treat FIC as the Presenter and have 3 additional Sponsorship tiers.

  1. FIC will be the Presenting Organization.
    1. Sole organizational beneficiary of any overall event profits
    2. May be required to sign contract for use of a NW event venue
    3. FIC Leadership has ultimate authority and responsibility for the event
  1. Co-Sponsors
    1. The NICA Board has agreed to risk up to $5,000 to be a co-sponsor
    2. Other Community or Sustainability-related organizations will be invited to help support the event by becoming additional co-sponsors. This will require significant contributions of money and/or in kind donations. See Co-Sponsors page for more thinking on this level of sponsorship.
    3. Other groups, primarily from the NW, are expected to similarly step up to help the event succeed.
    4. Initial thinking is that few individuals or Intentional Communities will be interested in this level of support for the event.
  1. Event Supporters
    1. No pricing or level of support has been set to be an Event Supporter. It is expected to be less than the $5,000 level set by the NICA comittment to be a Co-Sponsor, but whether that's $1,000 or $500 or $XX what is yet to be determined.
    2. Supporters are expected to include
      1. Intentional Communities
      2. Community-focused organizations
      3. Sustainability-focused organizations
      4. Individuals.
    3. To become an event supporter will require contributions in excess of the costs of individual participation.

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