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Starting Experience

New characters start the game with 3000 XP, which is used to purchase the characteristics they desire. Generate abilities from one of the methods below, and then refer to the Cost Tables and spend the starting XP to finish out the character.

Solo Generation

Starting attributes consist of all the primary attributes (Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Agility, Perception, Essence, and Faith) and two of the secondary attributes (Stamina and Speed). The first seven scores are generated with 3d6. Any score less than 6 is recorded as 6. Roll and record the seven primary attributes. If the sum of the modifiers is less than 0, the set is considered a 'Mulligan', and may be discarded and the process restarted. After all seven are rolled, cross out and re-roll any number of scores you wish, once each. After the free re-rolls have been accomplished, cross out any scores you wish to re-roll a second time. From your starting XP, purchase a number of points of luck and spend them to perform the second re-rolls on the desired attributes. Once all re-rolls have been made, assign the rolls to the attributes. Once the primary attributes are assigned, calculate speed and stamina and record them. Speed is Agi / 2, and starting Stamina is equal to Constitution.

Group Generation

Group Roll

Group character generation is performed in the same manner as Solo Generation, except that it ensures that all characters are of similar capability. Divide the seven rolls as evenly as possible amongst the players, and from those rolls, record a single set of seven numbers. The order is not important, because players are allowed to assign the numbers where they want them. The Mulligan rule applies, as does the free re-roll rule. As a group, the players must agree to spend luck to re-roll a second time, as the cost of the luck is deducted from the starting XP of all the players. Once all seven rolls are finalized, players assign them as they wish to. Calculate Spd and Sta as normal.

Point Buy

Characters have 38 points to purchase the seven primary attributes. The attributes start at 8.

  • 9 to 12 : 1 point
  • 13 to 15 : 2 points
  • 16 to 17 : 3 points
  • 18 : 4 points

Calculate Spd and Sta as normal.

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