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Talents are tiered abilities that provide increasing benefits. Rank 1 costs 3000, rank 2 costs 1000 and increments by 250, up to rank 10 which also costs 3000.



Sneak Attack

Sneak attack can be used with a Tiny weapon. Attempting a sneak attack with a larger weapon imposes a -2 penalty on the attack roll for each size category larger than Tiny. For a sneak attack to be successful, the opponent must choose (or be forced to choose) Block as their defense, and your attack must hit. If the sneak attack is successful, you do additional damage, 1d6 per rank.

If you have multiple attacks as part of the same action, only one attack can be a sneak attack. If the first attempted sneak attack fails, the second or third attacks are still potential sneak attacks. If you take two actions to attack, one attack out of each action may be a sneak attack.

With a sneak attack, there is the potential to do both STA and CON damage. On a normal hit, your weapon does STA damage, and the d6's do STA damage as well. You may set aside any 1's rolled, and they will do CON damage instead of STA. On a critical hit, your weapon does CON damage, and the d6's do STA damage. Additionally, you may set aside any 2's rolled, and they will do CON damage instead of STA.

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