• Announcer as Himself
  • Dad as Homer Simpson
  • Little Boy as Bart Simpson
  • Little Girl as Lisa Simpson
  • Mom as Marge Simpson
  • Pestilence Pony as Bernice Hibbert
  • Famine Pony as Maude Flanders
  • War Pony as Allison Taylor
  • Death Pony as Edna Krabappel


(To start the sketch, Bart (with a green crayon) and Lisa (with a red one) are drawing on the wall of their living room. On it are the word "SIMPSONS" written twice and the Robot Chicken.)

Announcer: Uh-oh - are you kids being bad?

Bart and Lisa: Yeah!

Announcer: You know what that means!

Bart and Lisa: Punishment from above!

(Four girls [a black one with a mask, a red flaming one, a yellow one with flowers on her body, and a blue one] fly in through the window.)

Female Singer: My Little Simpson: Apocalypse Simpsons! Punish mankind for their sins!

Bernice Hibbert: I'm Bernice! [laughs and sprinkles some gray dust onto the girl below]

Lisa: I love you, Bernice.

(Suddenly, she starts coughing from bubonic plague from the dust.)

Maude Flanders: I'm Maude Flanders! [laughs, shoots a ray of light, empties a bag of chips where Bart is eating, and covers his face with soot and ash, choking him in the process]

Allison Taylor: Yay! War Allison!

(As the song continues, she sets the couch and many other things in the living room on fire by blowing it from his mouth, causing the smoke alarm to ring. Then Homer and Marge Simpson run into the room, confused by what's going on.)

Homer: Hey, what's all this racket?

Marge: [hugging Bart and Lisa] My goodness!

Edna Krabappel: And I am [demonic voice] Death Edna!

Marge: Oh, how sad. The poor thing can't hear.

Bart: [scared, eyes wide] No, Marge, I think he said-

(Edna Krabappel roars, spews out a bigger beam of light, and disintegrates the Simpsons into skeletons, which drop into piles. Then we cut to a screen with the four Apocalypse Simpsons; a second later, a rainbow fades in with the words "Apocalypse Simpsons" shining in from a comet that sweeps across.)

Female Singer: My Little Simpson: Apocalypse Simpsons! Punish mankind for their sins!

Lisa's Skull: [popping into the screen with a circle] I love you, Apocalypse Girls!

(As always, we end with static.)