It was a sunny day in Woodland Valley. The birds were chirping and Bear was waiting for a friend to arrive: Pierce! Bear could not wait for his blue eagle friend all the way from Animal Crossing to Arrive!

Just then the door bell rang. "Who is it?" Bear asked.

"It's Pierce!" said the voice. "And you need some serious repairs to the Big Blue House!"

Bear went to take a look a the damages outside. They were horrific. And was all because Ojo and Tutter played "Pilots."

Now pilots is game where Ojo throws Tutter in the sky while he's in her toy airplane. They were not paying attention to where the plane was going, so it hit and tore down a whole side of the house!

Pierce suggested, "Why don't we call Apollo and Bob? They have a team of eagles and work vehicles that can fix anything!'

Bear agreed. Apollo was strong while Bob could fix just about anything. It was perfect!

The next morning, Pierce returned with Apollo and Bob, ready to work with their eagles and trucks. They had everything they needed!

As for Ojo and Tutter, well, if you have used and seen Goanimate videos, then you know what's coming.

That's all for now. I might even do a part 2!

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