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Such naiveté in one so young is understandable
DalinianAdded by Dalinian

When some of this Wiki's content was initially posted to the official Apple Discussions forum > Support > Discussions > PowerBook G4 17-inch > The PowerBook G4 17-inch Display, the post contained the following alert.

Apple Discussions forum administrators please note – of the eight Apple Discussions forum threads on this issue linked to at and four have so far been removed and the other four show “Replies are not allowed [...] This question is not answered.” Although several other threads on this topic have since arisen and are still open to replies, I thought it best for such a long contribution to begin a new thread.
The censoring of previous threads and censuring of some previous posters on this issue by Apple Discussions forum administrators has not surprisingly angered many already disgruntled owners of defective PowerBooks. In the interests of free speech, fair discussion, customer loyalty and respecting Apple’s customers, I hope and trust you will leave this thread open to replies.
If this post or thread is deleted from the official Apple Discussions forum, I shall repost it on my Yahoo 360 blog, and post a link as a comment on Vincenzo Acinapura’s blog.

Nevertheless, Apple Discussions forum administrators did indeed delete the post. And it's contents were indeed posted to Tim Jones' Free Repair Campaign for Apple 17inch PowerBooks blog, and subsequently to this Wiki.


Err... where did my first 10 posts go?
DalinianAdded by Dalinian

Since 27 Nov 06, administrators at the official Apple Discussions forums have been using censorship and censuring to stamp out public discussions about the the wide spread nature and world wide scope of this "Bridget Riley" vertical lines display defect.

When this fault first manifests, the natural first point of call for the owner of an afflicted PowerBook is Apple’s official Discussions forum: > Support > Discussions > PowerBook G4 17-inch > The PowerBook G4 17-inch Display. This forum used to have at least four threads on the issue (linked to at and, which between them had thousands of views, hundreds of posts and scores of photos of affected displays – which would just as naturally give rise to the hypothesis that this was not just a fault with his or her individual computer, but another example in a long line of defectively manufactured PowerBooks. Apple administrators have censored this forum by deleting these threads, to make freshly afflicted owners more amenable to Apple's corporate line that these are a coincidence of only superficially similar individual faults.

Outraged by Apple’s censorship, a number of afflicted owners, such as David Hudd, Vincenzo Acinapura, Tom Goskar and Tim Jones have highlighted the defect’s source and the censorship scandal at Apple Discussions in a database website and blogs. Any post that includes a clickable link to these resources runs a high risk of getting deleted by the administrators at Apple Discussions, as this defective PowerBook owner has discovered using several Apple ID's.

Furthermore, any post calling their game, or requesting that their censorship cease, also gets promptly deleted. For instance, on 02 Dec 06, Kay Masslow said...

This survived less than 10 minutes in the feedback section of the Apple Discussions:
"Please stop deleting threads about the PowerBook display defects.
On November 27th, the forum administrators started deleting information about the massive occurence of broken PowerBook G4 17" lcds. Each thread had thousands of views and plenty of dozens of documented failures.
Please stop deleting this information.
Kay Michael Masslow"
Apple Discussions censorship - huge threads deleted Dec 06, as Vincenzo Acinapura highlights the administrators' censorship
DalinianAdded by Dalinian

On Tom Goskar’s 17″ Apple PowerBook screen problems blog, another PowerBook owner said...

This is one ugly example of a company actively fighting its customers. I could tell you an endless story since I am monitoring this story since my device was affected in September 2006, 15 months after purchase and 3 months after the “warranty” expired.
This issue had __extensive__ coverage on the Apple discussion board but Apple is systematically wiping its discussion board clean of every reference to within hours.
It started by the end of 2006 when numerous (about a dozen) threads emerged describing the issue and pointing to the dreaded M9689 PowerBook G4 17″. One big thread contained dozens of pictures and by that time more than 70 individuals describing their problems. This thread had far more than 1000 views and was frequently updated. It vanished overnight, together with all the others.
This made David set up his database. Apple continued to actively censor everything dealing with it: The “smaller” threads, which do not hint at the massive spread of this issue, are locked down as soon as they reach a response number of like 10 or so. Posts which hint at Davids database are deleted within the hour. One day I checked the discussion board for information and noticed they had deleted another thread with more than 2000 views.
As of now, this whole thing turned out quite absurd: Every week another individual posts a thread describing strange vertical lines on his M9689. He or she has of course no idea that the topic was quite widespread because all the posts are gone. As soon as anybody mentions the database, his or her post is deleted. Aware of this, I told a guy to “put the words bridget riley powerbook into his favorite search internet engine”. Even that post is gone today.
May 20th, 2007 at 3:08 pm
Apple Discussions censorship - 4,642 views and 102 replies made "Powerbook 17 - vertical lines everywhere!" a prime censorship target and suffered deletion in Feb 07
DalinianAdded by Dalinian


Repeat ‘offenders’ risk being censured by the administrators at Apple Discussions by being banned from posting. For example, on 04 Apr 07 Luigi said...

PLEASE be AWARE that APPLE delelted alla my post messages about the huge scandal of the defective pixel lined on the monitor.
They deleted my post and they do not allow me to post any other messages.


As yet and as far as we know, Apple Inc has made no apology nor offered any explanation for the last six months of censorship and censuring at Apple Discussions. The fact that this division of Apple Inc is so aware of the "Bridget Riley" screen defect that they're using censorship and censuring to suppress public discussions and mislead owners of defective PowerBooks stands in stark contrast to the claim made by national AppleCare centres that they've never heard of the problem before. All of which stands in even starker contrast to Dell's Repair Program.

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