Finn: There They Was A Four That Trees Under The Ground

Jake: I Didn't Talk Dude

Finn: You really gotta do that

Jake: Yeah No Problem. I'm Thinking Was A Friend

Finn: I think so was a man

Jake: What Is It I Didn't Know

Later In Candy Kingdom

Finn: Hey Jake This Party Is Awesome!

Jake: Yeah Is So Crazy Man!

Princess Bubblegum: Hey Finn! This For You

Finn: Coming Princess Bubblegum

Finn: Hello

Applejack: What's Up Spoke?

Finn: Where Trying To Do Something

Applejack: I Do Going On With My Spot

Finn: All Right Sur Were Coming Back To You

Meanwhile In Ponyville

Twilight Sparkle: There Was Coming From The Sky Is So Update From Marble

Pinkie Pie: What Is A Pine Same

Twilight Sparkle: It So Much Time For Myles

Spike: But I Guess So Much Wired

Twilight Sparkle: Don't Worry Spike Is Too Much Clumb For This. Pinkie Pie You Do This

Pinkie Pie: I Got It

Twilight Sparkle: Pinkie Pie No


Fluttershy: Ohhhhhhhh Where Are We?

Twilight Sparkle: I Don't Know Where Are We

Rarity: What's Going On With The Land Of Ooo?

Rainbow Dash: You Won't Be Something New

Pinkie Pie: Hey Look. I Fount There Something

Twilight Sparkle: I Know What To Do There Something

Ice King: Sorry Jake It Was So Happiness

Jake: But We Didn't Say So

Finn: And We Don't Kind Of Vision

Twilight Sparkle: Hey Finn Hey Jake

Finn: Who are you?

Twilight Sparkle: I'm Twilight Sparkle. What's Your Name?

Finn: My Names Finn

Jake: And Jake

Twilight Sparkle: I Know Your Name Guys

Ice King: I Didn't Know Was A Treet

Twilight Sparkle: I Don't Know Was A Name There Kid

Pinkie Pie: Ooooooo Me. Hi Im Pinkie Pie And I Was A Person Who Know About That

Finn: You does know about that

Pinkie Pie: I Did So Free That Forever Reat Get Ever For The Same

Finn: Why We Did So Much Spain In That Formula

Pinkie Pie: I Know We Got Four Of Them Favor In This Place For Even Six Them Five For That Speak

Jake: I'll Know What In This Pleace Is It Finn

Finn: I Did Was Come Murphy For This

Applejack: Not A Word For This Spawn For Is From The Earth

Finn: Who

Applejack: Sorry For Her


Applejack: That Isn't So Me Incooper

Finn: No Your Not. I Spain You

Jack: WHAT I Don't Even Can't Even This Sparwn Yet

Finn: You Not A Even Came Forgot

Applejack: Come That Stupid Over




Applejack: NO IT'S YOUR FAULT?!


Applejack: YOU TOO

Finn: IT'S NOT

Applejack: YOU TOO

Finn: IT'S NOT

Ice King: Everybody, Everybody Come Down

Ice King: It's So In Far Of You

Finn: Of couse of that world of this form

Jake: No problem dude

Finn: I'm so proud of you jake

Jake: Okey

Finn: Don't worry my friend

Twilight Sparkle: Is it beat all right?

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