Applications to the JET Programme are handled by the overseas embassies and cosulates of the Japanese government. As such, the specifics of the application procedure vary between countries but a common feature is that it is long and time-consuming. It can often take 10 months from initial application to departure to Japan.

United Kingdom

Applications to the Embassy of Japan in London must be sumbitted in November of the year before intended departure. Applicants have to submit the following:

  • a completed application form
  • a personal statement
  • an academic record
  • proof of degree
  • proof of nationality
  • 2 sealed character references

After screening, interviews are conducted both in London and Edinburgh in January and February. Applicants are informed whether they have been successful in April. It is possible to be listed as an "alternate" candidate who will be promoted to the final short list should somebody drop out before departure. A Pre-Deaparture Orientation takes place in London and Edinburgh in July and JETs depart for Japan in staggered departures in late July and early August.

For more details, see the Japanese embassy website.

United States

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