That pubwan is these three things is central enough to what pubwan is that it probably should be on the "bulleted list" of what pubwan is that is pubwan is.

They say applied is to engineering as pure is to science. What is to economics as (say) femical engineering is to femistry? The first answer for that question that came to my mind is business. Business (per se) seems to have been established as a "discipline" alongside engineering (per se) as a college level. In this context, of course, I mean "college level" in the sense of "between university level and department level," not that of "between high school level and postgraduate level." There is a part of me that hopes that this is not the case; meaning that it would be possible for the application of economics to occur in organizational or nonorganizational contexts other than what economic jargon monickers as the (proverbial) "profit maximizing firm." Perhaps knowledge of economic science is also applied in the nonprophet sector.

The pubwan concept has been suggested as a research tool. Ideally it will be applied to research that is applied, nonclassified and nonproprietary. Being nonauthoritarian, of course, a hypothetical movement would not be consistent with what pubwan is if it took active measures to hold a pubwan participant to this triad of criteria. Given the inevitability of the death of tenure, it would seem more important to ensure that ANN research happens (by some means) than the pointless exercise that would be making sure ACP research doesn't happen (say, using pubwan methodsy).

Nonclassified can only be meant to mean the opposite of classified. The latter is a word with connotations having to do with intelligence. It is my wish as mother of pubwan that the pubwan movement not share this particular attribute with the intelligence community.

On the other hand, there might be advantages to share some research interests with the intelligence community, such as the study of sources and methods.

The original purpose for which pubwan was conceived is to serve as a nonproprietary alternative to proprietary consumer price accumulators such as "shop bots." Hopefully projects of this ilk will prove feasible within the nonprofit, open-source community. Hopefully, pubwan also has the potential to become a platform for nonproprietary research into applied economics and any other discipline.

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