• Riley Daring: One day April Glover and her parents went to the video store to buy some videos, but when April saw a 1999 Alec Baldwin & Ringo Starr James Goes Buzz Buzz tape, it happened.
  • April Glover: WOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!!!! LOOK AT ALL THOSE THOMAS VIDEOS!!!! May I have that James Goes Buzz Buzz Alec Baldwin and Ringo Starr tape?? Pleease?!?!?
  • Brenda: No April! You already have so many Thomas videos at home!
  • Big Bill: And by the way, that video costs money. And It's a phony!
  • April Glover: BUT, I.....WAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!! I WANT THAT JAMES GOES BUZZ BUZZ TAPE NOW!!!!!! WAHAHAHA!!!!!! Waaaaah!!!!!
  • Brenda: April, STOP!
  • Narrator: And that was that, April was sent to his dark room for punishment and got grounded.
  • Narrator: The next day, April Glover and her parents went to the Toy Store with lots of retired Thomas trains, and after April Glover saw a 1994 retired Boco train, she got the gimmie gleam in her eyes.
  • April Glover: OH MY GOD!!!!!! LOOK AT ALL THESE RETIRED THOMAS TRAINS!!!!!!! I WANT THAT 1994 WOODEN BOCO!! Pleeeaase!!!!!!
  • Brenda: No, April. You have so many Thomas trains at home you don't even play with!
  • Big Bill: And it's a phony! Those trains cost money.
  • April: BWAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!! BUT I WANT THAT 1994 BOCO WOODEN TRAIN!!!!! NOW!!!! NOW!!!! NOW!!!!!! Waaahahhahahhahhah!!!!!!!!
  • April Glover: WAAAAAAAH!!!!! NO!!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
  • Narrator: And then all the kids started laughing at April Glover which really pissed him off.
    Temper Tantrum, that's it. That's what it was, a negative temper tantrum. No telling where it would end, either; it may linger for months, and with The Replacements at stake. Well, they had no choice. There was only one thing to do: lock the poor chap in her chamber and keep her there until the poison worked out of her system.
  • Riley: Hold her, Dick Daring!

Dick: That's better.

Riley: And you can't escape, either. Simply no use trying. [They shut the door and lock it. Toad pounds on the door and tugs on it, trying to open it] April Glover: Let me outta here! Open up! Open up, I say! Please, Litlle Bill, Mommy, Daddy, open the door! Narrator: Now, of course, playing jailer to one's family memeber wasn't much of an enjoyable experiment I've ever seen. In fact, Mac weakened right at the start and wanted to call it quits, but Frankie said, "No. N-O spells No. Definitely not." This time they must be firm. After all, it wasn't just a matter of saving April Glover from herself. There was Mr. Herriman to consider, and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends and all that it stood for.

Narrator: Now there was one problem with Riley's cure for temper tantrums... it didn't work. You see, April Glover was far too clever and at the moment, completely mad. She was determined to get a motor car. If he had to beg, borrow or...

  • (Loud Crash is heard)
  • Narrator: Then Bobby, Big Bill, Alice The Great, Brenda, Bobby, and all the other kids ran away because Dick, Riley, Todd, Santa Claus, Kaith, Car, Scorpius, came into the toy store.
  • Dick: Hey! What're you doing at the toy store?!
  • April Glover: Stop! I'm not supposed to be trapped in this stupid wasteland of trains!?!

(the paper reads: April Glover caught stealing Thomas' Christmas Party with Ringo Starr and Michael Angelis DVD and Better Late Than Never & Other Stories with George Carlin) (Cut to Courtroom)

COURTMAN: Accused in April Glover of stealing two Thomas DVDs therefore endangering the lives of her majesy and their lives within.

JUDGE: The Council for the Crown may proceed with the case.

PROCECUTOR: My lord, I call as first crown witnesses Mac and Bloo.

PROCECUTOR: Is it true that you had the accused locked in her own room because she threatened to get two Thomas DVDs?

PROCECUTOR: Did you or did you not have her locked up?

DICK: We did.

PROCECUTOR: Thank you, that is all!

JUDGE: Next Witness?

COURTMAN: Mr. Herriman

PROCECUTOR: As trusty of the Replacements Estate you knew of the prisoner’s mania for Barney and Friends fans?


PROCECUTOR: And do to his foolish stupid extravegance you cut off his allowance?

SANTA CLAUS: Well, I uh,

PROCECUTOR: That he was to the best of your knowledge without funds?


PROCECUTOR: That is all. Thank you. Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, the crown rests.

JUDGE: Council for the defense will present her case.

April Glover: Me lads, with the court’s indulgance, I rise prepared the plead my own defense.

Dick: Todd, stop it.

April Glover:Gentlemen of the jury, I call as my first witness Fred Flintstone.

COURTMAN: Fred Flintstone

April Glover: Are you aquianted with the defendant Alice Blue Jean and her Magic Banjo? Fred Flintstone: Lord, lopey doke yes! One of the jolliest chaps I’ve ever run across and simply tons of money!

PROCECUTOR: Good fellow aye? Throws it all away. But, he wasn’t throwing it away that day. You heard Mr. Herriman testify that her allowance was cut off! Then how did she get two Thomas DVDs?

Fred Flintstone: The only way a gentleman gets anything, the honest way.

PROCECUTOR: And, what is the honest way?

Fred Flintstone: Ha! I thought you wouldn’t know that govener!

(The Crowd Laughs)

JUDGE: The Witness may testify in his own words.

Fred Flintstone: Right oh govener

(He begins speaking in verse)

Now, I’ll give you the facts of the case

For when April Glover escaped from her bodwa she come aheadin’ straighgt for my place

Soon we was off down the highway, and hadn’t gone far, I confess

When all of a sudden with a rush and a roar,

somethin’ passed like the London Express

It was big, it was red, it was beautiful

A Motorcar! Oh, It had bit her alright

April Glover was transfixed with uh, rapture,

You could tell it was love at first site.

The motor pulled up to a tavern, where in was located a bar

And we watched as some tough looking classmates of Little Bill got out of that lovely red car

Now, I know are deciving, and not to be trusted at all

But, how could I know they’d stolen that car? I didn’t have no crystal ball

And, the govener, she’s not one to dally, she made up his mind in a flash.

She said "Try it for size my good uncle Fred Flintstone, while I see what they’ll take for it-cash."

So, into the tavern she saunters, where the barman is back at the bar.

And she said "Cherrio, Little Bill, who’s the owner of that hot looking car?"

Little Bill, leaned over the bar and said "Why?"

The govener answeared "Those Thomas DVDs must be mine! Whatever the price is I’ll buy!"

But, the govener found she hadn’t no money, so she promply offered a trade

Monty and Kiku appeared to be willing, in a moment the bargin was made

Then April Glover drawed up a paper with almost incredile speed

And, he called on Little Bill the barman to hop over and witness the deed

(Go back to Fred Flintstone in witness box)

Now, the govener’s not a bit stingy, and never does anything small

Kiku, Monty, and Andrew gave him the red motorcar and she gave Little Bill's Classmates the PS2 games!

PROCECUTOR: A trade of PS2 games, an estate worth 100 thousand pounds for two Thomas DVDs! Oh, Ha Ha Ha!

PROCECUTOR: You expect me to believe that!!

April Glover: I don’t expect you to believe anything. Fourtunately, I can produce a witness. Call Little Bill!

CROWD: Little Bill

(He walks down the hallway and climbs up to the witness box. April Glover winks at him and he winks back)

April Glover: Gentleman, facing you in the witness box in a citizen of substance and standy, a man of unimpeachable honesty.

April Glover: Now, Little Bill , do you remember an incident last August the twelveth that I was apparted to?

LITTLE BILL: Oh, yes sir that I do sir

APRIL GLOVER: (putting on her hat and gloves) Well, then just tell the court what actually happened.

(He walks to the door)

APRIL GLOVER: Well, govener, you tried to sell me a stolen motorcar!

(April Glover is surrounded by Mac, Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo, Coco, Mr. Herriman and Frankie Foster)

FRED FLINTSTONE: That’s a deliberate lie you mooky faced little mouthbox!

APRIL GLOVER: No!! No!!! I’ve been framed! Let me go! Help! Help! Little Bill!

Little Bill, Riley Daring: Dagnabit! Shup you, you idiot or I will hurt you!

(Newpapers come flying across the screen)

NEWSPAPER BOY: April Glover!

NARRATOR: News of April's disgrace rocked the nation. It seemed the courts were determined to make an example of her. Of course April's friends tried to help him but they were blocked at every turn. Why, they must have reopened the case a dozen times. They appealed to this court, that court, any court. But, the desition stood. The case of April Glover was closed!

Santa Claus: April Glover, you have caused confusion and delay! You have caused revenge on everyone at Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends and tried to get two Thomas DVDS! And now Little Bill, Master Blooergard, Master Wilt, Master Eduardo, and Miss Coco had defeated you! As punishment, you are suspended from playing basketball for the next two months!

  • April Glover: No! Not two months!
  • Santa Claus: Yes! Two Months!
  • April Glover: Who will take me to the doctor's office?
  • Santa Claus: Miss Frances and Master Mac will! And they will take you to your shed!
  • April Glover: I'm sorry, sir!
  • Santa Claus: Apologizes unaccepted. No food and water for the rest of your life!

NARRATOR:Yes, once again it was a white Christmas and once again the melodies of Yule tied hung sweet upon the winters air. Hearts were gay and spirits high.

NARRATOR: Indeed in all the city there was but one spot untouched by the spirit of Christmas. The tower; grim monument to despair, cold cruel forbidding

And, unfourtunaely the abobe of April Glover for a good many Christamses yet to come. Poor April, alone with the memories of her wasted life. Oh what a fool she had been! With many a pang there was the kindly face of Little Bill, her enemy,

and her sage advice so often scorned. A tear for Alice The Great, Brenda, Big Bill

for her unloyalty, her sypathy, her misunderstanding. And April wept for Bobby too(His tear falls and Rat’s face is in the puddle)

and all those little lectures so ofter laughed at.

NARRATOR: Within the confines of this miserable cell a new April Glover was born-a reformed April Glover-a repentant April Glover, denied food and water. A few hours late, April Glover died.

Santa Claus: Miss Frances, you and Master Mac did a goo job casting Miss April out in the cold cruel world.

Dick: I hope she'll never be one on us.

Narrator: I really hope April Glover's never playing basketball anymore since she died, don't you?

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