April Swanson is the love interest of Tagiru Akashi appearing in Glitter Force. She has green hair and green eyes. Her main outfit is composed of: a green long sleeved shirt, dark green shorts and black boots. She is voiced by Danielle Judovits.


  • Becky Swanson (Mother)
  • Daniel Swanson (Father)
  • Hannah Swanson (Younger Sister)
  • Hugo Swanson (Younger Brother)
  • Calvin Swanson (Younger Brother)
  • Harriet Swanson (Younger Sister)
  • Cody Swanson (Younger Brother)
  • Nina Swanson (Baby Sister)
  • Tagiru Akashi (Love Interest)


  1. Being popular to Tagiru
  2. Feeling like fame
  3. Becoming Glitter Spring


  1. Her fear of ghosts
  2. Getting busted
  3. Living in Hell for Heroes

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