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General Information

Recruited from the many Arabs settled across North Africa and the Middle East, these men make useful light cavalry, able to chase off horse archers, run down light infantry, and to get round enemy flanks. Their armour can be also be upgraded, allowing them to take on heavier cavalry. Although used to a hot climate, they are not desert troops.

Motte and Bailey: 2, Egypt only
Wooden Castle: 2, 3 for Egypt
Castle: 3
Citadel: 6, Moors only
Sheikh's Stables: 4
Amir's Stables: 6
Racing Tracks: 4
Merchant's Guild: 3
Merchant's Guild HQ: 4 (+1 exp)


  • Cost: 510
  • Upkeep: 175
  • Unit Size: 40
  • Primary Attack: 9
Weapon Type: Spear
Charge Bonus: 4
  • Secondary Attack: 9
Weapon Type: Sword
Charge Bonus: 3
  • Total Defense: 13
Armour: 4 (Padded), 5 (Light Mail), 7 (Heavy Mail)
Defense Skill: 5
Shield: 4
  • Hitpoints: 1
  • Mass: 1.75
  • Morale: 5
  • Marching Speed: 2.23 m/s
  • Galloping Speed: 8.80 m/s
  • Stamina: Normal
  • Training: Trained
  • Discipline: Normal
  • Environmental Modifiers:
Heat Penalty: 0
Scrub: 0
Sand: 1
Forest: -6
Snow: -1
Against Elephants: -4
Against Camels: -4
  • Special Abilities:
Can form Wedge


Due to their availability, upgradability and decent melee stats, they perform well as light/medium cavalry even into the Late Era.

Stat-wise, this is a mounted sergeant. There are some very important differences, however. It has no heat penalty and a even a light bonus for sand. Therefore, this unit can fight tired, heat-exhausted knights on Crusade. More importantly, Egypt gets Mamluk Archers and even the Moors get Desert Cavalry early on. Arab Cavalry work well in combination with these missile units. Most important of all, these units are everywhere, castle or city. They are easy to retrain or replace. Finally, they can form the wedge formation. Not the toughest guys in town, but handy. Beware the substantial penalty for fighting in forests, and a lighter one for snow. -- Doug-Thompson

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