The Aragola or Argolans are a horned humanoid species. The Argolans were one of the more unusual races in the galaxy, with a dramatic gender dimorphism in appearance and temperament. The males were docile, non-aggressive creatures, completely hairless, with typically red-tinted skin and a pair of large horns growing from their heads. They took great pride in their horns, and groomed them quite regularly.

Female Argolans were covered in thick fur that ranged in color from brown to white, and had only small vestigial horns. They were aggressive by nature, and tended to be dominant in their culture, being the only ones allowed in government and politics.

In addition, the teeth of the males were all sharp incisors, but the females also had molars and prominent canines. One in fifty Argolan males had two sets of teeth, however, having an inner set of sharp "male" teeth and an outer, retractable set of "female" teeth.

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