Arale Norimaki: Lost In Time And Space is an upcoming animated short based on the Original Dr Slump Character, Arale Norimaki. In it, Arale Norimaki training to be the best android of all the multiverse.


Arale Norimaki wants to be the best android of Penguin Village however, she realized that she might not be only the best android of Penguin Village the best android of the entire multiverse (and even all the existent and non-existent multiverses), therefore she decided to ask for professional help. So Ash Ketchum (From Pokemon) and Sherman Klump (From The Nutty Proffesor) offer to teach her how to be the best android in the entire multiverse, meanwhile Doraemon Noby Nobi, Sneech and Gian "Big G" watch the training for have fun, however Arale Norimaki gets injured, defeated and scared in every phase of the training. Soon after Arale Norimaki decides to leave it for today, But suddenly, Ash Ketchum and Sherman Klump bring themselves and Arale Norimaki back to the past in order to do it again, since they lied Arale, so Ash Ketchum and Sherman Klump decide to make Arale start to training for more time, since they are in the beginning of all times and the entire universe, and even they would make her end up her training in the end of all the times and the entire universe (Ash Ketchum and King Triton said that lacks a lot of millions of mileniums for that). Arale star to scream and wakes up, reveling that all was a bad dream. Arale smiles and decides keep following her dream of being the best android of the entire multiverse, and happily she goes to training to her own secure and relaxed style and Doraemon, Noby, Sneech and Gian "Big G" along with Ash Ketchum and Sherman Klump (realizing all was a dream and having that dream too) stay to watch and enjoy that training without offering professional help to keep that happy ending and realize that nightmare even making it worst.


Arale Norimaki is in her 1997 design: Doraemon, Noby, Sneech and Goian "Big G" are in their 2005 design; Ash Ketchum is in his seasons 1-5 design and Sherman Klump is in his fat man design.



  • Arale Norimaki.
  • Ash Ketchum.
  • Sherman Klump.
  • Doraemon.
  • Noby Nobi.
  • Sneech.
  • Gian "Big G".

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