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A race of reptilian creatures from Citadel. Deus Gras'Vahn was an Arcozian.

Usable Systems

  • Worldcage
  • Tri-Stat dX

Tri-Stat dX

Common Arcozians

Racial Cost: 0cp
Half-Mortal Cost: 4cp


  • Jumping +2
  • Natural Weapons +3
    • Claws x2
    • Fangs
  • Super Strength +1
  • Regeneration +1
  • Massive Damage +1
    • Natural Claws


  • Burns Energy Regeneration (5 energy/turn) - 6bp
  • Dependant Regeneration (Superstrength) - 2bp
  • Marked (Reptilian) - 3bp

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