' Coat of Arms

Arcus' Coat of Arms

Character Overview

Arcus came to the Academy at age 23. He is 5' 6” tall, a bit overweight, wears glasses, has black hair, and brown eyes. He normaly wears a white pair of pants with a black collared shirt and black slip-on shoes. He has also gained, while at the Academy, a enchanted white cloak with a hood that has his crest on the back of it.

Arcus is one of the few at the Academy who has devoted himself to mastering Artifacts instead one or more of the colors of mana, although he can, and does, use Black, Red, and White spells. Arcus' favroite creature type is the Myr, a type of creature from his home world of Mirrodin, because of this and the fact that he has mastered all known creature spells of that type he calls himself the resident Myr Mage of the Academy.

Arcus tends to be somewhat of a introvert, spending most of his time inside a building he made to tinker with his artifacts and tutor others in, but tries to be friendly to everybody he meets and always offers to help whenever he is needed.

Arcus has also been infused with the knowledge of artifact spells from the adult version of Owen Uza Wilacoth.

Arcus is also a member of Silens Umbra at the rank of Phasmatis Monumentum.


  • Arcus is, IC and OOC, known as one of the nicest of the Academy. It's not that everyone else is mean, just that he's kindly.

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