• (VeggieTales logo shows up)
  • Mayor Humpty: Sergeant?
  • Sergeant: Yes, sir!
  • Mayor Humpty: Establish your recon post downstairs.
  • Sergeant: Code red. Repeat - we are at code red. Recon plan Charlie. Execute. Move, move, move! It's a...
  • Khalil: It's a big one.
  • Narrator: From the creators of Celery Night FeverMoe and the Big Exit and Larry-Boy and the Rumor Weed, VeggieTales brings us back to the city of Gooseville.
  • Baby Bear: There seems to be no sign of intelligent life anywhere.
  • Space Gourds: (screams)
  • Arnold the Obvious: In space, nobody can hear you shout.
  • Space Scallion: Um, I heard him.
  • Space Gourd: Yeah, me too.
  • Arnold the Obvious: You...are...a...chicken.
  • Space Gourd: You are a gray little man.
  • Narrator: When their town comes to the dark side...
  • Jumping Jack: Draw! (A person draws a knife. Jumping Jack ducks his head.) Got me again.
  • Little Bo Peep: That warrior is stapled to an explosive device.
  • Goldilocks: You know why? I'll tell you why - Arnold the Obvious. That's why!
  • Jill: Hmm... Sure is a hairy fella.
  • Jack: I don't like confrontations.
  • Baby Bear: You're mocking me. (Knocks stuff on the bad guys)
  • (Jack unlocks the jail cell)
  • Narrator: ...the adventure takes off when Mayor Humpty learns an important lesson in standing up for your beliefs. Also, enjoy the silly song "Red or Blue."
  • Larry: Our side is red.
  • Pa Grape: Our side is blue.
  • (Record scratch)
  • Goldilocks: Did that just happen?
  • Little Bo Peep: Yep.
  • Narrator: Join the Veggies as they discover that standing up for what you belive in is good in the latest video release from VeggieTales - Are You Not My Neighbor?
  • Mayor Humpty: Alright.
  • (Yellow words on black background "Now on DVD for you to own!")
  • Narrator: Now on DVD for you to own!
  • (Everyone cheers)

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