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The topic about area in the Mathematics for the third-grade students.


Lesson 1 Introduction

An Overview of Area

Area is one of the most concepts in everyday use of our life. You can find areas of a square, rectangle, triangle, etc. Many applications require calculation of area.

In this tutorial you will learn the concept of area, comparison of two areas, conservation of area and the concept of cm2. Note: This course has been modified for demonstration purposes.

Lesson 2 Jigsaw without interspace

Lesson 3 Which is Larger?


Lesson 4 Comparison of Areas

Lesson 5 Conservation of Areas

Lesson 6 Square Centimeters

The area of a square is 1 square cm if the length of each side is 1cm.1cm

The area of 2 squares which is 1 square cm is 2 square cm.2cm

Square cm is a common unit for representing small areas.

Matching Practice: please match the upper quantities to the lower areas.

4 square cm. 10 square cm. 15 square cm.


Lesson 7 Inside and Outside

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