Area 3 is a place in London in england it is here where Steph Colledge found there base by accident and soon worked for them because they had the same objectives. Area 3 was a place which treated aliens fair and didnt see all aiens as a threat however they would try and stop nasty ones.


The leader of the group was named Norman Marshall along side him were Steph Colledge along with his two other partners who were Justin Dance and Michelle Flame for 1991 they looked into reports of aliens sighting to do with Greys across London and areas nearby.


Norman Marshall was killed when he was shot by a alien raygun which was armed at Michelle Flame his life was taken and he died. After this Steph Colledge was then made the leader she said she would make Norman proud and would stop anything bad going to happen to earth.


Steph Colledge and the group looked into a report of a man who had came back from the dead he was called Barry Charles he was killed in kent.

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