Area 51 is known as a group which having something to do with aliens coming to earth. They are known for there dress code of Black suits and there dark sunglasses. Sometimes they carry black boxes inside are rifles. They have also been present when there is something big going on. They have also been around when both times Steph Colledge has transformed herself when she has been near death.


Steph Colledge and Harriet Sernet were picking up signs of alien life coming from a place out in the middle of nowhere. They didn't know it was where Area 51 were based and soon found themselfs under attack by agents they manage to escape there attack however they were shot and when back on the Jumper they both Transformed because of the bullets.


Two Agents took Scott Curtis into a black car and asked Scott Curtis about Steph Colledge and if he ever had heard of her. Picking up something wasn't right Scott lied and said never heard of her. They then gave him a ten pound note and told him to have a nice day which Scott found very strange.


When Scott Curtis and Steph Colledge found themselfs in a fight with Nick Green Steph went into her Hatlink form so she was able to beat Nick Green in the fight right afterwards she and Scott found alot of men in suits watching and soon had a black helicopter also watching them with the police telling them to stay where they were and to give themselfs up. Steph Colledge quickly gave them her thinger and hotwired a car which Steph and Scott used to escape from the agents. They manage to find cover and confused the plane and made there escape.


When Harriet Sernet came back to finish thing off with Steph Colledge in Totnes the agents also came to Totnes and closed off cars coming and leaving Totnes. When Harriet left Totnes they all left Totnes also Steph went on to her 3rd Hatlink form.


In 2008 there were two visits in the same year from the agents. They cut off power all across Totnes and tried to track down Steph Colledge who had now forgive Harriet Sernet. They were stopped when there Pulse Bomb had ran out of power after they found themselfs hiding out all night from agents. Later on that year the agents manage to grab Steph and Harriet it was then Steph known that she need to escape away to protect Harriet and the Rivers. They were saved by the Rivers and manage to escape. Scott Curtis made Steph Colledge forget the Rivers which was her request.

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