Area System


All areas except for towns will be dynamically generated. This reduces level design requirements and provides more game play. Areas will be generated by a world seed and an area seed, so the same area can be generated within the same game.


  • Areas are composed of 'Area Tiles'
  • Each Area Tile is a 20x20 grid of normal tiles
  • A normal tile is 32x32 pixels
  • Each Area Tile will belong to a theme, such as forest, desert, etc.
  • AT - sometimes used to abbreviate Area Tile

Area Tile Details

As mentioned in definitions, all Area Tiles are 20x20 regular tiles, or 640x640 pixels. Each Area Tile will have a theme so semi-coherent levels can be generated.

All possible exits will be represented by the tiles:

Dead Ends:


Two Ways:

Ns Ew Ne Nw Se Sw

Three Ways:

Nse Nsw Wen Wes

Four Ways:


Area Generation

  1. Choose starting piece from dead ends
  2. Set size to 0
  3. Choose a 2/3/4 way AT
    1. Attempt to attach current AT to previous AT in this order: NESW
    2. If attachment failed, return to Choose AT step
  4. Verify that all exits from the new AT are valid or empty
    1. if not, return to Choose AT step
  5. Increase size by one
  6. Chance to quit = (Size - 7) * 15
  7. If random number < Chance, then quit
  8. Else return to Choose AT step

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