Arelyn K'zanthis

Unlike everyone here, your injuries can't be fixed with a simple bacta bath.
—Arelyn K'zanthis

Arelyn K'zanthis is a turret gunner on board the mercenary ship The Scimitar.


  • Species: Human from Emberlene
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 27
  • Alignment: Neutral
  • Appearance: Average human female height, with blue eyes and black hair. Her clothing is mostly black and form-fitting, to aid in ease of movement.
  • Weapons/Equipment:
    • HB-9 Blaster Rifle
    • DC-15s blaster pistol
    • a number of vibroblades hidden on her person
    • ascension gun
    • adhesive grenades
  • Specialist Skills/Knowledge:
    • Stealth - She is able to move about virtually undetected, using her surroundings and training.
    • Subterfuge - When stealth doesn't work, she turns to her manipulative abilities. She is an effective liar and can convincingly deceive almost anyone. She also isn't above using her femininity to advance her purposes.
    • Hand-to-hand combat - She is skilled in unarmed combat, owing to many years of Mistryl training.
  • Primary Role Player: Quist


Born on the lush planet of Emberlene, Arelyn had a carefree, fun-filled youth. Her rambunctious streak eventually proved too much for her parents to handle and they sent her to train with the Mistryl Shadow Guard. Initially resistant at first, she eventually comes to accept her training, despite still having a penchant for mischief. That all changes once Emberlene is reduced to a smoking heap by the Empire. To cope with the loss of her home and her family, Arelyn devotes herself to the Mistryl cause. She becomes more introverted and reserved, carrying out her missions with the utmost professionalism. The only vice left over from her youthful days is her weakness for card games, specifically pazaak and sabacc.

Arelyn took various jobs for a number of years before finally taking a long-term assignment as a personal bodyguard to Jocoro the Hutt of the Desilijic clan. She worked for Jocoro for about 6 years before leaving his service for an unspecified reason. This came following an altercation with the Besadii clan, mortal enemies of the Desilijics.

Personality and Traits

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