(These were posted and approved, never moved. Someone asked me who the heck I was, To which I shake my head.)

Surname: Min- Knun Given Name: Aria Known Aliases: Intergalatic woman of mystery Occupation: Pilot / see above Legal status: Married: Jada Knun Criminal record: Probably Race: Human by all accounts. Probably mixed somewhere back Gender: Female Age: Not a day over 25... she swears. Place of Birth: Unknown Place of Residence: Little planet on the rim Former Place(s) of Residence: Everywhere Affiliation: Currently A Free agent. Mostly does minor work for shippers, Jedi and such

Appearance Petite compared to most. A slight frame, almost pixie like, but then again, Tinker bell had curves. Well rounded and knows how to play to the curves. Still holds baby weight though. Hair is growing back to its natural reddy blonde, eyes greeny grey. Nicely tanned.

Height: 5'4 Weight: 126 lbs Eye Colour: Grey green Hair: Dark reddy blonde Other Features: Unclothed more scars from blasters or faint cut marks, the most noticeable is an accidntal burn along her neck from something and someone.

Clothing: Depends on what she's doing. Working, curve hugging pants, a light shirt and jacket, Pants and jacket rusty brown, shirt off white. Off work, depends on what she is doing and with whom. Tends to dress up for Jada, otherwise clothes she can chase a young girl around easily.

Uniform: See above

Personality: Very to the point, blunt. Not at all shy and very outgoing. However, not rash. She will take risks if something can be gained. Otherwise an utter neat freak and organised to the hilt.

Known Relatives: Husband, Jada Knun, Daughter Chloe (6), Sister Asha Missir, niece and brother in law Jani and Jake Daniels. two children, one male, one female that have disappeared. Father: Jacob Missir Mother: Myrani Min

History: Born the middle child and only non force user in a close family. She always felt left out from the bond her parents and siblings shared, hating the fact she had been left out. With nearly 10 years between herself and her older sister, and 4 between her and her younger brother, she seemed to be in a world by herself.

Her father seemed at a loss of what to do with the young fireball that was Aria, so taught her all about the wonderful world of machines. Aria took a love to them, especially ones that tended to explode fantasically or move too fast, and never lost that love. however, with her fathers death at age 8 she began to question where she belonged. Hopping a shuttle off the planet she lived on, she left.

Work was difficult to find, getting mixed up with the wrong crowed, it took a long time before a chance meeting in a square with a rude Jedi who had touched the unmentionables changed her life. Then again, she had nearly killed of Jada Knun that day.

Aria moved from job to job, eventually landing with the Sith and taking control of their navy, being made a lady within the Sith, the highest houner held by a Non-force user in the organization. A brief marriage with Darth Bliss produced one child, and an Affair with a passing trader produced a son, both of whom were taken from her.

Heartbroken once more and feeling out of sorts, Aria turned to her old Friend Jada with an odd request. A Child she could love and raise herself. Jada accepted and from that Chloe was born. Jada and Aria spent more time together with the birth, and soon fell in love and married. Aria found happiness and a home finally.

(Please note, the following affairs were left out: Ferian, Orbisis ex Allen, Quazar Binks, Argon, and four others I forget the names.)

Sample Roleplay:

Sun beat down on her bare back, turning the skin to a fine gold colour. Aria stretched, hearing the ding and turning over, her head shaded by a rather large beach umbrella. The sounds of gentle waves and laughter from far off created atmosphere, the smell of coconuts and .... burnt toast?

Aria started from her daydream, looking sheepishly over to her daughter, tapping her foot and looking very much every inch her father. Aria smiled, standing and rescuing the breakfast. "Charcoal anyone?" She joked, disposing of the burnt offerings to the culinary gods.

Surname: Missir- Daniels) Given Name: Asha-Lehi Known Aliases: No Occupation: Former Jedi Master, Source of wisdom Legal status: Frozen Criminal record: Heck no Race: Actually unknown. Father was human, mother not known Gender: Female Age: 32 Place of Birth: Listed as Tatoonie, Very doubtful it is Place of Residence: Currently no where Former Place(s) of Residence: Jedi temple Affiliation: None at the moment

Appearance Tall and willowy, almost like a supple reed. Curves very subtle to see. Hair very long and usually elaborately arranged up. Light brown, hazel eyes. Skin looks like she has never seen the sun.

Height: 5'11 Weight: 130 Eye Colour: Hazel Hair: Light brown Other Features: Two wicked scars, at her stomach and a matching one on her back. Seems almost like a flower bloom of a hideous planet.

Clothing: Flowing dresses, light material and colours. Dark robe over, a faint recall to her former glory.

Uniform: Still has it. Two uniforms. One a set of dark blue masters robes, the second a common white training uniform and brown robe for over it. Still has her Saber, though she doesn't use it ever. Pale green in colour.

Personality: Quiet, air of an old soul. Wise and reserved, kind to those she lets get close. can have her sad and depressed moments.

Known Relatives: Jani Daniels (Daughter) Jake Daniels (Husband) Aria Min (Sister) Chloe Knun (Niece) Jada Knun (Bro in law) Father: Jacob Missir Mother: Un known. Step mother Myrani Min

History: Asha was born a golden child. Her father always doted on her, teaching her all he wished to ever teach any one. Because of that, Asha grew up with a love of books and nature. Having always stayed close to home, she also grew up shy and quiet, shunning other children until her siblings came along. She cared for them with all the love she could as if they were her own.

With her fathers death at the age of 17, Asha left home and her siblings to do something her father had made her promise to do. She set off to finish his dream. Arriving at the Jedi temple, she was giving as a padawan to Jake Daniels, and up and coming master. One of two at the time, Asha was clearly stronger then the other, so became Jakes companion.

After a particularly grueling assignment, Jake and Asha found comfort in each other, leading Jake, now a formal Jedi Master, to marry his student, now a jedi herself. It caused a stir, and paved the way for others to do so. A few years passed and Asha herself became a master, and also gave birth to the first child born in the Jedi walls, Jani Leah Daniels. Mother of the new golden child, wife of the head of the Jedi. For a while, Asha knew happiness.

A dark shadow soon appeared. Her husband slipped into madness, to the dark side, and took thier daughter with him. He tormented Asha to no end, having affairs and beating his wife. It grew to the point Asha herself looked outside the marriage, finding a man she discovered was Orbisis ex Allen. He took her in, until Asha realised she had to face Jake. No one knows what actually happened that night, but at the end of it, Jake announced Asha dead, showing a holo image of her commiting suicide with Jakes own saber.

However, looks were deceiving.

Asha had indeed done what was seen, but did not die. She escaped, leaving Jake and thier daughter to crumble until both existed no more. Now, many years later, after giving advice through her 'Ghost' she sends out the first signs.... She lives.

Sample Roleplay: (This is needed)

A faint pulse.

A wave, carrying it through the universe. A heart beat felt to only afew, noticed by more, though most would brush it aside. The feeling you get when you see something, someone a fleeting moment.

A stirring of fabric as she decended the walkway to the platform, the city of the sky having changed since she last appeared. Peoples heads turn, seeing the bared scars at her midriff only to look away. She doesn't smile, but eyes appear excited.

A stronger pulse felt by the few closest to her.

A quick pull of old strings long dormant. Asha was there, controling the strings like a puppeteer. Asha had returned.

(If you all know where Ani and Chloes are, let me know.)

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