Ariel is a charectar from Good vs Evil.


Unlike her enemie Ariel is nice, sweet and happy she'll likes Pie and Cheese but the food does'nt move her human cheese does. 

By: Roc.


Maria is'nt separated from Ariel but she's apart of her.

Maria is evil and cruel.


She started off as a non-living cheese but when tires went into her she started moving. She spy'd on Ariel first. She then jumped on Ariel's little chin and got  on Ariel's chest, back and face. Ariel was spoof'd  into her. Maria then control'd Ariel. Jake put cheese onto her and Maria ripped it off of her face. Jake then pour'd Green paint on Maria's body. It was pour'd on her stomach then it went through her chest, face and back.  Maria did'nt realize the paint was used for panting house's she also had her lips poked out. Jake give the green paint a sticky,  feeling on Maria's body.  Maria melted to the ground and Ariel was back to her normal self. Maria was shipped off the hospital and electricuted. The eletricution shoke her. Outside Jake said Ariel left the cheese out. Barry said to Jake that's what made Ariel change in the first place. 

By: Roc.

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