Name: Arik Ungasa
Race: Human
Birthplace: Dantooine
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Affiliation: Grey Order
Side of the Force: Grey/Neutral, Doesn't believe in sides, will use all aspects of the Force
Occupation: Grey Champion, Leader of the Grey Order
Force Affinity: 4

Physical Description

Arik Ungasa is a man who keeps himself in superior physical condition to make up for his apparent deficiencies as a Jedi. He is approximately 6 foot tall, white, short-medium length, blonde/brown hair and grey-blue eyes. Arik is usually seen in a simple robes or flight suit, when going into combat situations he also wears a gauntlet with a cortosis interweave, allowing him to 'catch' lightsaber attacks, this can help protect him from lightsaber strikes other Jedi would simply use the Force jump out of the way of.

In his numerous conflicts since leaving the Jedi Order and forming the Grey Order, Arik has taken more than his fair share of hits. His entire left side was riddled with repeater rounds, till this day he still carries heavy external and internal scarring from the wounds, impeding his movement, giving him a slight limp and generally making him wake up sore and grumpy every morning.

Psychological Description

As a younger Jedi Arik was seen as a weaker by his peers. Such public perception served to form and fuel a strong ambition in Arik to prove himself as an equal. As he grew older and more experienced he has grown to depend more upon his perception of the Force as a benchmark rather than the opinions of others. Another byproduct of such a socially rough upbringing is that Arik is both incredibly stubborn and incredibly independent. He is not afraid to forge out on his own to achieve and advocate what he believes is the right and just thing to be done.

He is a questioning individual, prepared to challenge the Jedi Council and the teachings of the Order. He has grown increasingly concerned with the insular nature of the Jedi Order, which he sees as taking increasingly strong stance against Jedi involvement in galactic affairs. On the other hand he did not see any wisdom in the approach of Revan and Malak in tackling the issues head on. Tired with the constant infighting and politicking of the Jedi Order Arik abandoned the Order without the blessing of the Council just before the end of the Mandalorian Wars.

Since that time he has been traveling throughout the galaxy to sites of great importance to both the Jedi and the Sith attempting to find an acceptable middle ground between the two apparently radically different perspectives of the Force. The result of this search was the discovery of the Unifying Force. The Force is neither inherently good nor inherently evil, the Force has a will of its own which seeks to preserve Life. It is the role of a Jedi to enact the will of the Force not the Force to enact he will of the individual.

With the establishment of the Grey Order, a group dedicated to the same ideals as Arik himself, he has become happier in recent years. The constant action and achievement of victories that as a member of the Jedi Order he would not have been able to achieve has given him a certain peace. He is still troubled however, now by a different concern, is there a line he cannot cross, are there places, places that the Jedi have forbidden, places that he himself has not encountered, places in the Force that are truly perversions. He is slowly beginning to question his beliefs in the Force and the path they have taken him on, he worries that he has ued the Force for actions that it was never intended, that he himself has crossed the line too many times. He is haunted by the actions of his past, when he has time to stop between jobs the deaths of those who have fallen at his blade, who have fallen at his side are beginning to catch up with him.

With his new apprentice Nautica however he has begun to see a better way, a path into a less troubled future, a path to redemption, time will tell if he can follow this path.

Favoured Force Uses

Energy absorption, Mental Manipulation, no telekinetic ability except under extreme circumstances. Telekinetic ability can be achieved through the absorption large amounts of energy, such as from a blaster bolt or a Force lightning attack.


Dual-phase Lightsaber, silver/purple while normal length, bronze while extended

Force Sensitivity

In tune with the flow of the Force around him despite the fact that his unfortunate genetic make-up does not allow him to access the Force to physically interact with the world around him. Through absorption of energy he is able to achieve temporary telekinetic abilities.


Seeking a true union with the Force by acting as an instrument of its will rather than using it as an instrument of his, while at the same time protecting innocents defeating the Sith, so on and so forth.

Personal History

Arik Ungasa was born on Dantooine, to farming parents, he also had a younger sister. When he was only 2 Arik had an accident with the household power generator which should have killed him. A Jedi from the Academy happened to be in the nearby village at the time settling a trade dispute and heard of the extraordinary event. Paying a visit to the family he discovered Arik’s innate ability in the Force and recommended to his parents that he be trained at the Academy. His parents let him be taken away and never saw their son again.

As a side note when the Jedi academy was attacked Arik’s family decided it was time to move on and migrated to Corellia. Here his sister married a young lad named Areb Halcyon a family line which gave rise to a tradition of Jedi renowned for their lack of TK ability and standing their ground against overwhelming odds, mainly because they couldn’t get out of there using the Force and didn’t have any other choice.

As mentioned Arik was shunned by his fellow students because of his inability to move even the smallest of objects with his mind. Driven by his status as ‘different’ Arik applied himself to the areas where he was most capable, mental manipulation and energy absorption as well as the more physical pursuits such as lightsaber dueling. By the time he was granted the rank of Padawan he was renowned for being so strong despite his ‘weaknesses’. As a Padawan he was assigned to Jedi Master Taran, a Corellian Jedi who was a staunch supporter of the Jedi Council and a firm and unquestioning believer in the Jedi Code.

Initially as a young apprentice Arik accepted the teachings of his master, however as his experience in the Force, the galaxy and the Jedi Order grew he began to question those firm beliefs. By the time he was ready for his trials to achieve the rank of Jedi Knight there was a great deal of friction between apprentice and master. So much so that Taran warned the Council that he felt his student would be tempted by and fall to the dark side. Despite this warning Arik was granted the rank of Jedi Knight by the Council.

It was soon after he was granted the rank of Jedi Knight that the Mandalorian Wars began. Feeling no need to rush off and fight the good fight with Revan and Malak but also disturbed by the Council’s and the Order’s ability to establish exactly where it stood Arik abandoned the Order. Arik traveled throughout the galaxy to the site’s Yavin IV and the ruins of Exar Kun, and to Caamas to understand their view on the use of the Force. He also sought out other non-Jedi Force using cultures throughout known and unknown space to understand how they felt and accessed the Force.

This self-imposed exile lasted till well after the Jedi Civil War. Returning from the exile he found a galaxy in tatters, a resurgent Sith threat and a Jedi Order still rebuilding. Returning to his roots he once again joined the Jedi in another fight against the Sith, to defeat the...

I've just realised I've gotta rewrite all this history, it's freakin'appalling and stuff has changed in the last year and a half.

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