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Episode:Marie,The Kitchen And The Pizzaman Written By:Judy Mel

Starring:Thomas O'Malley,Duchess,Toulouse,Berlioz,Marie,Madame,George,Soleil,Cheri,Yvonne,Francois,Theirry,Me,Lily And Melody.

Teaser:We Find The Kittens In The Living Room When Marie Walks In

  1. Marie:What Are You Doing?
  2. Toulouse:We Are Playing With The Cards.
  3. Theirry:Black Jack With Cookies.
  4. Marie:Wanna See A Card Trick?
  5. Berlioz:Yeah,Cool!
  6. Soleil:Double Cool!
  7. Marie:{Takes Some Cards} Okay I Will Shake The Cards And One Of You Has To Pick One.
  8. Berlioz:Lily You Can Do That
  9. Lily:No You
  10. Marie:Guys,Please Stop That.Cheri,You Can Take One.
  11. Cheri Takes A Card..
  12. Marie:Okay,When You Have Memorized The Card,Put It On The Back Of The Others
  13. Cheri Looks At The Card And Puts Its Behind The Last One Of The Others
  14. Marie:Okay,Now I Will Shake The Cards And Get Your One Out Of It {She Shakes The Cards}
  15. Theirry:Are You Sure This Will Work?
  16. Marie:Sure I Foole...Did It Successfully With George
  17. Toulouse:Yeah Right! George,That Says Enough
  18. Marie:Okay,Is This The Card You Took? {She Shows A Card
  19. Toulouse:No.
  20. Marie:This One?
  21. Berlioz:

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