At Paris, In The house, At Marie's Bedroom, Marie is looking at her mirror. The Chipettes, Berlioz, Soleil, Cheri, Yvonne, Francois Thierry & Toulouse want to look at her mirror. Marie grab Brittany's blue Ponytail. Brittany Gasping That's Mine Ponytail. Marie & Brittany grab Brittany's Ponytail And Broken Ponytail. Oh you're right it is Your! Brittany said. You Did bad on Purous. Did not! Did too! Did not Did too! They are Angry. Kids stop it! The Dance is tomroww night and so pay Attention! If you will find a Boyfriend or Girlfriend. I told Them Yes Miss Samantha They said. We shall find you boyfriend or girlfriends. Come Along now We need new dresses or suits for both of you. Later On, At The Mall, I Arrvial with the Kittens, The Chipettes, Madame, Duchess & Thomas. If you think i can go to dance, You're Nuts! Marie Yelled! Later that Day, The Kittens & The girls looking for their dresses or suits. Marie is behind A bunny.

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