1. Thomas O'Malley-Thomas O'Malley is Married Duchess & Have 10 Kittens.
  2. Duchess
  3. Toulouse
  4. Berlioz
  5. Marie Is Middle Child Of Duchess,Older Sister of 5 Girls Kittens. Marie Has White Fur,Long Hair & Blue Eyes.She Voiced By Tara Strong in Season 1 or Season 7,Taylor Swift,Katherine Soucie,April Stewart,Samantha Bailey,Mandy Moore,Hyden Walch,Janet Orestein,Myriam Sirois,Vanessa Morley,Clea Lewis,Sonja Ball,Alyssa Milano,Mary Kate Olsen,Ashley Olsen,Brittney Spears,Jasmine Guy,Nataile Cole,Ashley Tisdale In All Season.Aged 1-3,Aged 5-7 In Season 1,8-9 In Season 2,10-11 In Season 3, 12-13 In Season 4,14-15 In Season 5,16-17 In Season 6 & 18-19 In All Season.She Is Crush All Boys.She Wears Outfits And Others.
  6. Madame Is the Owner of Duchess,Thomas O'Malley and The Kittens
  7. George
  8. Soleil-
  9. Cheri-
  10. Yvonne-
  11. Francois
  12. Theirry
  13. Me
  14. Lily Is Tan Kitten.She Is The Oldest Daughter Of Thomas O'Malley & Duchess.
  15. Melody Is Black & White Kitten & She is the Youngest Daughter Of Thomas O'Malley & Duchess.She Can't Talk.
  16. The Chipettes

Brittany Miller Is the lead singer and Eldest Sister of The Chipettes,And is Female Counterpart of Alvin.

Jeanette Miller

Eleanor Miller

Minor Cast

  1. Pepe Le Pew Is Marie's Boyfriend at High School & He is Berlioz's New Best Friend.He is Baby,Child,Pre-Teen,Teenage and Adult
  2. Tom Sawyer Is Marie's Boyfriend At Middle School.He Is Thomas O'Malley's Nephew And Danny's Grandson.
  3. E.B Bunny Is The Kittens' Babysitter And Marie's Boyfriend.A 19 year old Rabbit.He Appears Babysitter The Kittens.
  4. Periwinkle Bellflower Is a Rabbit Who Appear In 80 Episodes Of Aristocats.He Is Marie's Best Friend.
  5. Violet Bellflower
  6. Penelope Pussycat Is Marie,Toulouse,Berlioz & Other Kitten's Aunt
  7. Fifi La Fume Is Marie's Best Friend & Francois's Girlfriend.
  8. Spencer LionHeart Is Marie's Kind Boyfriend when She was 8.He Is In Love With Marie.He Kiss Her.He Appears In Love Day
  9. Danny & Sawyer Are Marie,Toulouse & Berlioz's GrandKids & Other Kittens's GrandKids.
  10. Alvin Seville Is Marie's Girlfriend And Berlioz's Best Friend.
  11. The Bellflower Kids
  12. Simon Seville
  13. Theodore Seville
  14. Ronno
  15. Roquefort The Mouse
  16. Lola Bunny
  17. Bugs Bunny
  18. Daisy Is a 19-Year-Old African Elephant.She Appears In One Episode,First Sight!She Is Theirry's Girlfriend.
  19. Jake Is Marie's Love Story Boyfriend When She was 5.He Is Jeanette's Babysitter
  20. Kit Cloudkicker Is Marie's Kind And Handsome Boyfriend And Jeanette's Partner.
  21. Cory Baxter Is My Love Boyfriend
  22. Becky Thatcher Is Marie's Rival And Best Friend.
  23. Scamp Is Marie's Lovely Boyfriend And Eleanor's Rival.
  24. Arthur Read Is Jeanette Miller's Boyfriend.
  25. Jessica Junior Is The Daughter Of Miss Junior And Mr Junior.She Has Long Black Hair And Blue Eyes.She Is Appears In 1 Episode,Toulouse's Girlfriend
  26. Mulan Is Marie's Babysitter While Berlioz And Toulouse Goes To School
  27. Harry Potter Is Marie's Baby-Sitter And Jeanette Miller's Best Friend.
  28. Jake Long
  29. Marie's Friends
  30. Berlioz's Friends
  31. Toulouse's Friends
  32. Dongwa Miao
  33. Sheegwa Miao
  34. Sagwa Miao
  35. Lady Rosetta Is Duchess's Sister.
  36. Annette Is Her Favorite Movie Star Cat,John Pew Cat And Marie's Rival.And Marie Was Mad At John And Kick Him Out Of The Theater.
  37. Angel Is Marie's Friend.
  38. Ella Melody
  39. Zipper Cat
  40. Fiver Is Marie's Boyfriend
  41. Justin Beaver Is Marie's Ex-Boyfriend.He Appear In One Episode,Marie's New Boyfriend,Justin Is Jealous Because Marie Has Her New Boyfriend,E.B Rabbit.
  42. Their Neighbors
  43. Ana Lion Cub Is Marie's Best Friend At School.She Had One Brother Named Cory.
  44. Cory Lion Cub Is Marie's BoyFriend.
  45. Babs Bunny
  46. Buster Bunny
  47. Fifi La Fume Is Marie's Bestfriend At High School

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