A collection of six Love-Romance-And Friendship Episodes,The Episodes Are Include

  1. Marie's Big Crush:13 Year Old Marie Develops a crush on her French Teacher Skunk,Pepe Le Pew
  2. Brittany's Cute Crush:Brittany Has a Crush On Her Ex Best Friend,Felix
  3. Jeanette's Love Story:
  4. Eleanor's Best Friend
  5. Berlioz's Famous Star Crush:Berlioz Has a Crush On His Famous Flim Star Dog,Lola Babs.In The Middle,Berlioz Gets Jealous When Lola Steals And Give His Photograph Away of Him And Write In For An Male Orange Dog Named Max Dog.In The End,Berlioz Loss Lola Babs's Attention To Max
  6. Toulouse's Lovely Pretty Girl Crush

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