Born to a loving family, Arkane grew up like a normal child. His people were almost completely human with the exception of monkey-like tails. His father worked for his brother's weapons company as a scientist while his mother was a nurse. Arkane grew up with a gang of friends that were often challenged by an enemy gang led by Korin Dashire. They would often engage in wars in which they used bamboo swords. Arkane's Force powers enabled him to have increased reflexes and acute telekenesis. He often commanded his gang like a military general and established his tactical skills at a young age. He excelled in science and math and his Uncle Ronin made him the heir to the weapons company.

One day, Arkane was jumped by the enemy gang when he was alone. In his fight, he unleashed a shockwave of Force energy that killed several, including Korin. Unfortunately, the explosion brought down a starfighter patrolling the area. It crashed into his house and killed everyone inside. Arkane fled the Vexus system forever, taking everything he could aboard his ship. He travelled the galaxy, looking for help. When he heard of the Sith, he couldn't resist the allure of such power. He immediately flew to the temple to become apprenticed.

He was assigned to Amber Hue and learned to harness his powers. Arkane was assigned to hijack a republic freighter and used one of his machines to take control of the chip. Arkane was scheduled to be knighted after proving himself by destroying Gungan city. He succeeded, but engaged a jedi knight who was in the city as well. When the jedi's apprentice came, Amber assisted Arkane by taking on the knight. In the duel with the jedi apprentice there was no winner; both of them were severely injured. They both retreated with grievous injuries.

Despite his failure to kill the jedi, Arkane was knighted and chose Darth Zeraph officially though he doesn't usually refer to himself as Zeraph. But his solo time was short-lived and he was soon asigned his own apprentice, Yami. In the same day, he was given a second student by the name of Sharon Trainer. She was a former jedi apprentice who already had some fighting experience... but nowhere near enough to beat Arkane. After assaulting her mind with, he managed to turn her to the Darkside.

He began basic training of lightsaber techniques and Force powers, but was injured in a training fight when Sharon hit his still-healing knee. He had to return to the weapons station to have it repaired. But at the station, a Sith fleet moved by carrying the queen of the sith. Arkane approached with an offer for a droid army but was turned down. Outraged, he personally decided that she was not in the best interest for the Sith and began to conspire with Sharon to kill her.

He hurried to the Jedi Temple for the Sith assault. Acting on his impulses, Arkane destroyed a hangar and began an attack ahead of time. He was ordered back and 'punished' by Lord Krell. Once again outraged, Arkane charged at Krell. His three limbs were no match for Krell's masterful skills with only one saber and he was defeated in only several slashes. This left him with a scar over his left eye. He re-entered the Jedi Temple under orders and killed several Jedi. He hacked and downloaded most of the Jedi Archives before destroying them. He and his apprentice, Yami searched for artifacts for the Sith and found a few, most noticeably the three books written by the emperor. He briefly engaged a jedi knight before leaving with the rest of his comrades. Magnus approached him, but Arkane was not intimidated and Sharon assisted him in forcing Magnus and his companion away.

Upon returning to the stronghold, Arkane was hired by Lord Krell to design and produce a droid army for his Sith rebellion. Arkane agreed and finished his designs in only a few days. Full production began immediately. Several armies of droids were produced in only a few weeks and he left the stronghold on a trip to Tatooine with Yami. However, he recieved a distress call and returned to the weapons company to put a stop to Kerrick's planned sabotage.

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