[u][b]Bio for (Name)[/b][/u]Arkanis Revan

[b]Surname: [/b] Vos [b]Given Name: [/b] Korto [b]Known Aliases: [/b] Arkanis Revan*though not everyone would know him* [b]Occupation: [/b] Jedi Master [b]Legal status: [/b] Exaunerated for any previous charges and reenstated under Republic service. [b]Gender: [/b] Male [b]Age: [/b]22 [b]Race[/b]: 1/2 Kiffar 1/2 Miraluka [b]Place of Birth: [/b] Tattooine [b]Place of Residence: [/b] Crimson Ospry, His ship. [b]Former Place(s) of Residence: [/b] Tatooine*Very little time spent at all* Corucant, Kashyyk, Chandrilla, Ossus, with occasional visits to Alpherides. [b]Affiliation: [/b] Jedi [b]Possesions and Skills[/b] [b]Lightsaber Style: [/b]Korto has since taken everything he knows and brought back the lost art of Trakata.This is a form of lightsaber combat unique to only one or two of the most powerful Jedi. The Jedi will keep the lightsaber in their grasp, but will keep it turned off. The Jedi will then dodge or defend any attacks using the Force. Some of the more skilled Jedi may launch attacks using the Force in-between sweeps of the opponent's lightsaber. They will then wait until the right moment and swiftly turn the lightsaber on and off, sending the blade through the enemy's body. This will instantly wound or kill the enemy. This technique is difficult to master and to use it the Jedi must be very powerful with the Force.

Some may consider it to be a dark form of combat as it takes the enemy by surprise and can be also used outside a lightsaber duel to dispose of somebody in close quarters. It is best used in lightsaber dueling but can also be used to avoid blaster fire. The style may save on the energy use of a lightsaber as energy would not be expended keeping the blade on, nor in coming into impact with an enemy's saber or by impacting surrounding objects. In this way a Jedi's force abilities stand in for the energy capacity of his lightsaber, were it restricted. Which suits Korto just fine, because of his tendancy to try and avoid fighting. Not to say he will be pushed over easily. He would much rather avoid a fight and end it if nesseccary rather then fuel on violance.

[image noborder]CrimsonOspry2.jpg[/image] [image noborder]CrimsonOspry1.jpg[/image] [image noborder]CrimsonOspry.jpg[/image]

[b]The Crimson Ospry, YT 850[/b] Is an aincent ship at best. One of YT series earliest designs. Smallest of the light freighter designs it can't hold half as much as the 1300's But the space given is adequate enough to hold a speeder or swoop bike, house up to 15 to 20 people and has several other amenities. Like a holographic cartographer to chart next moves. A medical room that can administer bacta in bad situations. Secret storage compartments in the hold allow for easier smuggling, though Korto hasn't exaclty delved into that much. It's sublight star drives are somewhat slower then most other ships. In fact it's probably slower than most ore haulers. But it has one of the sharpest hyperdrives around. Giving some of the newer model YT designs a respectable run for thier money. Armament wise it only has a twin standered cannon turret on the top, and a dual ion cannon on the side. It's a runner if anything. With it's thicker then normal haul it can take a beating and then make the jump to lightspeed. Perfect for a Jedi who tends to err on the side of danger.

[b]Items and Equipment[/b] [b]1 Short handled Lightsaber[/b]- Korto's lightsaber was redisgned and built after the loss of his arm. It's a small short griped one handed style lightsaber. While typically used in an off hand in the Jar Kai style or by smaller aliens.

[b]Kalashinata[/b] The Miraluka light blade constructed during the Alpheridian civil war which occured 3 to 4,000 yrs. ago. Alchemically designed to enhance lightsided aura's and promote cellular regrowth.

[b]R4-D4[/b] An R4 series Astromech that helps aid Korto with repairs and upkeep of the Ospry.


[u][b]Appearance[/b][/u] [image noborder]MasterKortoVos.jpg[/image] [image noborder]Vos.jpg[/image] [image noborder]Revancollagecopy.jpg[/image]

Akranis is in good build, and physique. Except for his lack of eyes. Over his eyes he wears a bandanna tied behind his head. His facial features are sharp and strong. The body of an lithe athelete, like a gymnast perhaps. [b]Height: [/b] 6 feet even [b]Weight: [/b] 165 pounds [b]Eyes: [/b] None [b]Hair: [/b] Black and long usually kept back by a tie. [b]Other Features: [/b] Since his time as a jedi Revans personal habits could be argued that he likes finding trouble. As a result he bares many war wounds. Various scars and nicks. He also has 2 sets of tattoos. One on his face, and the other a star on his arm that is the symbol of the Guardians. The police force of the Kiffar.

[b]Clothing: [/b] Has forgone his Twilight Vanguard armor given to him by Grand Elder Mann, Korto's Grandfather. And now dresses more like a respectable jedi, in keeping with tradition so that he may present a better example for the younger generation of jedi.

[b]Uniform: [/b] None really


[u][b]Other Information[/b][/u]

[b]Personality: [/b] Arkanis is really calm tempered and happy go lucky. But his good natured spirit hides the seriousness of his demeanor. He takes his jedi training very serious. For Arkanis, protecting those who cant is a big thing for him. To stand up and protect selflessly is his biggest strength and weakness.

[b]Known Relatives: [/b] Roilas Vos *though unaware yet* [b]Grandfather: Mothers side[/b]Quinlan Vos, Khaleen Hentz/Vos [b]Grandfather: Fathers side[/b] Grand Elder Mann, Visus Mann [b]Father: [/b] Jacen Mann *deceased* [b]Mother: [/b] Quistis Vos *deceased*

[b]History: [/b] Arkanis has grown up in the bustling planet city of Corucant. being just a child during the sith attacks on the planet he wasnt able to offer much help or even really be phased by it. He was taught in the ways of the force and had a better grasp of it over others because of his genetic makeup. Being a Mirulaken made it easier for him to open his mind because he didn't have eyes to confuse or sway him. He saw through the force and was naturally quicker to understand it. Though just because he understood it didn't mean he always applied it. Often being stubborn sometimes and wanting to help those in need it created friction sometimes.

In one incident he helped a man who was indebted to a crime lord by paying him the money he would need to clear his name. The man later spent it gambling hoping to make a profit. It saddened Arkanis to hear the man was caught and killed anyway. But there is no death, only the force. So Arkanis tried to let go of thinking of death as such a finite thing.

He always preferred saber training however over force training. He could often see his opponents moves before it even happened through his force sense, but because of his untrained mind he sometimes would react to quickly and his Training partner would have to disengage before he would get hurt. How ever as time passed he became more and more proficent with it as his age and knowledge prgressed. He evolved from the youthfull unskilled padawan of his former self to the now very skilled and occasionally cocky padawan. Knowing he must restrain himself though he often works hard to keep himself in check as well as listen to the deeper meaning of his masters teachings.

With much to learn and the ambition but control to learn it Arkanis has much potential, with much flaw. [b]Other information: [/b]

Since his time at the Temple and the Academy Revan has learned a great deal. He was first assigned to Master Jonay but due to reasons untold to him, he was forced to be reassigned to Master Palmera.

Ciara has shown Revan a great deal of things, from Using the force to heal wounds, to jumping, running, and all sorts of abilities Arkanis never thought himself possible of doing.

Revan has gone a great many travels as well from his peoples home planet of Alphredies, to deeper, more grittier recess of Corucant to Naboo.

Revan has also met his fair share of people involved with the darkside. Some hostile, others not. But through all of his experiance Arkanis has galvonized one thing. He will become an excellant Jedi one day. [image noborder]KortoPaddy.jpg[/image]


Arkanis has also met a great deal of padawans at the temple and though hes been somewhat labeled reclusive hes really rather carefree. Chatting up whoever he can and pitching in and helping out wherever available. It was on the temples roof in deep meditation that he ran across Jinlo Halan. She was deeply depressed because of recent events of her past. That the Jedi were cold shouldering her because she had been tainted somehow by the dark side. But Revans natural gift to see without normal eyes helped him trying to show Jinlo verbally that it was ultimately up to her what her alignment was. Be it good or bad. That dispite what may have happened to her, she was still a good person and that she wasn't in fact in danger of becoming sith. That she shouldn't let what others think or say about her bother her because she was a better person and deserv ed better then that.

In turn Jinlo showed Revan a world he'd never laid eyes on. A world of color and images far from what the force showed him. The quickly fell for each other and spent the rest of the night on the roof gazing off into the Corucant evening. [image noborder]Jinlo_Kortocopy.jpg[/image] [image noborder]Vision.jpg[/image] []*click*[/link]

As time passed the two gained a rapid reputation for being inseperable, always finding each other at thier sides. The twos quickly growing bond has become something of a strength for each other. Jinlo gives Revan the gentleness and companionship he's never had, and Revan gives Jinlo the confidance in herself and happiness she's longed for. She's currently supporting him on an emergency plea for help from his native planet Alphredies.

On Alphredies Revan helped negotiate a stable truce between the Traders guild minning on a nearby moon in the Miraluken space. Revans role with his people has only just begun, as the Grand Elder saw a force vision of him in which his actions would have casted them into a war with the Traders only to lead about thier end as the Sith would become aware of thier location. But Revan exercising jedi discipline held his lightsaber at bay as he took a blaster bolt to the arm and thus prevented the war which in fact started in the vision because Revean deflected it on accident towards the Traders. His action of inaction thus saved them. Confident that Revan was in fact going to become a good jedi free of the burden his blood carries. A secret he has yet to reveal to the youth.[]*click*[/link]

As of now Revan is back on home on Corucant continueing his training. As well as his relationship with Jinlo Halan. He has since nearly completed his training and has gained the experience, knowledge and power equal to a knight, hes just not official as of yet. He has completed construction of 2 lightsabers named Kodos and Kranos, Miraluken for "Wisdom and Peace". Though he still prefers to use one. The other is for training to learn the variant Jar'Kai from Master Palmera. Also perhaps to give to a padawan should he be assigned one soon. He also took a personal trip to his home world Alphredies to speak with the Grand Elder. He discovered bits and pieces off his past, who he came from, why he was left at the Jedi Temple, and why his name is what it is. Now that he knows he has a family, Revan has a better sense of self. As he now feels like he isn't such an enigma to even himself.

Lately Revan has been havng recurring nightmares about his families past, as his grandfathers taint in the darkside was transfered over to him. Though he is unsure why it has suddenly sparked up, Revan has personal suspicions that it may also have something to do with the bond he has with Jinlo. He has been vigilant so far in not letting it get to him.

In an attempt to understand and deal with his grandfathers force spirit Revan heeded its advice and took on the training and basic understanding of form 7 Juyo. In doing so he dealt with the darker side of his personality. Thus his visions of his grandfather were less and less frequent or negative. As of late it has all but stopped. []*click*[/link] []*click too*[/link]

[image noborder]Revancollagecopy.jpg[/image] Although at the same time, so to has Jinlo left Revan. For the plane of the force. One night Jinlo recieved a horrific vision from the force, for which it was mislead in understanding and mistaken for a drug addicition by Khar Qel Droma. The resulting fight between Jino and Khar forced Jinlo into a personal leave to her home in the lower quarters of Corucant. Revan visited as frequently as possible until one day on one of his trips he had returned to the ashes of the house and Corucant police tape. Revan paced through the remains of the building and used his as other gift in the force, Psychometry and read images off the object to try and see what had happened. But the mental confusion and disarray she was in before she died were imprinted into the walls as well. Thus affecting him as well.[]*click*[/link]

He also found a small amulet with a stone on it that reminded him of Jinlo's eyes. Since she had gotten her own funeral pyre, Revan had no where to lay it to rest with her, so he has since adopted it, in memory of his love and thier bond together. Since then he and his master have come to rely on each other for support more and more as they become ever more alike through tragedy. As close to a family as it can possibly get Ciara is all Revan has left. []*click*[/link]

And with the threat of death at the hands of the Republic the jedi have launched into an accelerated move to leave Corucant before meeting certain doom. These are the times that try mens souls. But Revan will stand strong in the face of opposition and defend what a jedi has always stood for. []*click*[/link]

[]*0 hour*.[/link] Twilight of the Jedi Exodus. It marks the beginning of the toughest path Revan will embark on yet. Forced to make the longest and yet shortest trek of his life Revan was pursued relentlessly through the halls of the jedi temple as swarms of Illuminated spurred Republic soldiers surged into the temple attacking the Jedi. Trying his best not to bring harm to any soldiers Revan did what he could. He even managed to bring a few seperated younglings back to the jedi escape corvette. Eventually after an hour of running and dodging soldiers Revan found a the Hanger Rain was in and simply anniliated the mangled door way.

Shortly after his escape from Corucant Revan directed Rain and the Shadow to Kiffu and Kiffex. His other home of origin. There he learned is biological name. Korto Vos. He also learned more in detail of what happened between his father and the previous Sheyf Tinte. He learned Quinlan had killed her in a blind rage for executing his parents to a group of beings called Anzati. Then fell in allegiance with Count Dooku. For this Korto was banned from Kiffu for some time. Sensing the force was pulling him away, he left his home world with some answers and a lot more questions.[]*click*[/link]

His next stop was Tattooine. Where he and Rain earned money and supplies by working off some of Rains outstanding debts with a few of the local crime lords. There Rain taught Korto how to be more tough without being averse to his personal beliefs. Then Korto's path crossed with the Sith once again. Fighting a total of 4, and losing both his prized lightsabers to them. It was a learning experience in every meaning of the word. After his retreat he was mysteriously guided by the force. Or so he thought. After his escape he finally realized it was the force spirit of Obi Wan keeping him alive and safe.

Obi Wan had watched Korto fight and reckognized the potential the jedi had. But his application of the form III was slightly off. He knew the movements, but not the principles. Obi Wan calmed the young jedi's mind and relaxed him. Taught him the proper mentalaties of the usage of Soresu. In order to better apply and teach the forms and also help Korto better defend himself he revealed a parts box that had been hidden that contained pieces to build a replacement saber.

Now better armed and better skilled Korto stood ready to face the sith and leave the planet to continue on his way.[]*click*[/link]

His next stop was Alphredies. The secret Miraluka homeworld. There Korto confronted his grand father with his families secret. Elder Mann revealed more of Korto's past and gave hints to more secrets which would come in due time. Now that Kortos frustration over his past was settled somewhat for the time being, Elder Mann gave Korto a sneak peak at further elements of his future. Revealing to him the Twilight Vanguard. Alphredies' special policing force. Korto was caught completely off guard. Their application of stealth movement, and force stealth abilities suprised even him. Elder Mann gave Korto a suit made just for him, and a hint to where he could learn more about the abilities the Vanguard possessed and where they learned them from. With only this clue, "Go to Kashyyk." Thats where the secrets to Vanguard lay for Korto.[]*click*[/link]

Next on Korto's journey while following the will of the force was Naboo. In all the excitement of the Exile and such Korto had placed his padawan in the back of his mind for his safety. But now that Korto was in control of his destiny again it was time he help his padawan Talon Rahl to forge his destiny as well. On his way to Naboo from Alphredies the frieght haulers tried to rob Korto oblivious to the fact that he was a jedi. They were easily subdued but in the fracas the nav controls were crippled and Korto was forced to make a crash landing in the Nubian country side. After a short days hike he made his way to the city of Theed. The general state of the city shocked Korto. For such a pristine city it belied the utter chaos that had resulted from Krell killing the Queen and most of the royal upper echelon. After safely finding his padawan the two began to set out for Kashyyk to further both Korto and Talon's training.

[font color=blue size=4]Korto's Twilight Vanguard armor and drifter coat.[/font] [image noborder]KortoVosNomad.jpg[/image]

However, before the two could leave a stranger approached them and introduced herself as "Roilas Vos. Your sister". [ newwindow]*click*[/link] Shortly afterwards it wasn't long before the twins mother showed herself. Korto and Roilas were introduced to very dark and sinister evil that was thier mother. Quistis Vos. Thier mother tainted by the darkside had made a deal with the Darklord Krell that if she were to bring her children and the hyperspace cooridnates to Alphredies home of the Miraluka that Krell would train her and make her powerfull. Thus, she has attacked her children in an attempt to subdue them to bring them before Krell. After several harrowing battles Korto and Roilas have fled from her grasp to return to the Jedi to update them. However, like a shadow that grows from receding light, Quistis closes in on them. Korto and Roilas have chosen to leave the jedi, to prevent them from being discovered by her. They leave knowing that they may not survive the battle but do it without fear for it must be done.

[image noborder]KortoandRoilasVos.jpg[/image]

After a somewhat quiet trip in hyperspace Korto, Roilas and Ciara finally arraived at Eriadu. Their plan was to trap Quistis in the lave cave below the surface and battle her into submission or death. The fight started off incredibally off pitch as Ciara was thrown into a tunnel and then sealed off from the twin as Quistis caved it's entrance in. Korto ordered Roilas to help dig her out as he bought them enough time for Ciara to return.

The fight could only be called a clash of force titans as mother and son threw down in a no hold barred force battle. Blow for blow Korto both matched and returned whatever his mother could throw at him. The light and dark blades both doing thier parts as the pair battled for the fate of Alphredies, and to a greater extent the galaxy for both good and evil. Korto would not allow his people to be forced in submission and subjugated to the dark side and Quistis only sought revenge against the sith however she could find it. [image noborder]InjuredKorto.jpg[/image] After a time Quistis switched focus to Roilas and used the force to thrust her sword to stab her daughter. Korto with a last burst of energy propelled himself into the way of the incoming weapon though and took the stab himself. Sensing Korto struck down Ciara decided enough was enough. Summoning as much power forth as she could her paternal instincts in overdrive allowed her to simply blast open the cave in with all the subtly of a Star Destroyer. Finally able to face down the woman who had caused Korto so much pain both emotional and now physical. It was a battle of wills as Surrogate Mother and Biological Mother would battle for the fate of the Twins, Alphredies, and the Galaxy.

The battle between Ciara and Quistis was one of extremes to say the least. Ciara and her determination and Quistis backed by her anger. In the end Ciara's superior saber skills saved the day, and allowed them all to escape and leave the ordeal behind them. Soon after the jedi all returned and Korto undertook the padawan Dave as his apprentice while Talon took a temporary leave of absence. Korto didn't attempt to pry, as he knew Talon had his reasons. Under Korto, Dave learned a great many things and reinforced much of what he had already learned.

Korto also took part in the raid against the dark Jedi Czian Incendum. Korto was assigned to the infiltrating party for obvious reasons. He and Khar generally broke whatever they touched, so it was deemed more usefull for them to break someone elses things for a while. Which the two didn't mind a bit.

Dureing all this Korto found some time to try and have a timid relationship with one of his spynetwork contacts Avarra. It worked out for a small amount of time and granted Korto some moments of respite from what seemed like a generally bad life. He now had a limp that he wasn't sure of how long it would last. Not that he minded, when he needed he could use the force to hold him upright if he needed.

[image noborder]KortoAvara.jpg[/image]

His moments of peace weren't long lived though, lately an unknown Republic Agent has taken to targeting those Korto knows in a ploy to draw him out. Rain was the first to be targeted, then Avarra. She however didn't survive the encounter, and her death left Korto incredibally distraught. Returning to jedi he buried himself in activites and missions. He also has spent more time with Khar. The two ran into a cloned version of the old jedi Cin Dralig. Which led to the boys having thier rear ends handed to them. Korto also has taken to focusing more and more on the force and uncovering all he can. Once again becoming a reclusive student.

However, something that Korto hadn't expected happened to him. He died, of crannial hemoraging. The wound dates to the Czian hit and was left untreated and ignored by Korto. However an accident during a horrible night when Corucant was attacked by a Legion Survivor worsened the injury and slowly killed Korto. However it wasn't his time to remain in the force, and so he was returned, with a new skill, and more knowledge. But also a new handicap. Korto can no longer speak vocally now, a side effect of the brain trauma from the wounds he suffered. Irreperable and unhealable, Korto is now handicaped even further.


[b]Acknowledgements: [/b] Quinlan Vos is a copy righted charcter and property of LucasArts. Everything else was my own wierd head working.

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