Arkantos is an Atlantean admiral and hero and is the main protagonist in Fall of the Trident. Though a reknowed adventurer, prior to the events of Fall of the Trident, his exploits are said to have been reduced to an occasional fending off of pirates. His son is Kastor, and his wife is said to have been killed in a pirate attack. In Fall of the Trident, he sets off to join the Greeks fighting the Trojan War, but after the war, upon discovering Gargarensis' ambition to free Kronos from Tartarus, determines himself to stop him from achieving that goal. At the close of Fall of the Trident, after being granted superhuman powers by Zeus, Arkantos kills Gargarensis and prevents him from allowing Kronos to escape, and is made a god by Athena for his efforts.

In The New Atlantis Arkantos is a reluctant god, but uses his position to watch over the major gods and supervise their quarrels. Arkantos tells Amanra that his son Kastor is being tricked to attack the Twelve Olympians' followers, and for her to find him. Upon the escape of the Titans from Tartarus, Arkantos also tells the heroes that Titans are wreaking havoc in Egypt and the Norselands as well as Greece. Upon the defeat of Kronos, he later tells his son Kastor that he is to lead New Atlantis.

Arkantos is a hero unit whose special ability is a battle cry which empowers all surrounding units for a short period of time. Upon being granted demigod-like powers by Zeus, Arkantos is capable of sending units flying with his spear instead.

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